Networking and Security | December 2015

Vendor News

Vendor News


Remote Beacon Management with Aruba Sensor

Aruba Sensor, a small, dual-band 802.11n client radio and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio, makes it easy for IT to turn a mobile engagement proof-of-concept into a full-out, multi-location deployment by pulling beacon data into one centralised location. The Aruba Sensor plugs directly into an AC outlet and can hear other Aruba Beacons within a 25-meter range and reports relevant data over Wi-Fi to the cloud-based platform.

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F5 Now Available In Microsoft Azure

F5 is pleased to announce general availability of its BIG-IP Virtual Editions in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Now, customers who want to deploy applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres can take advantage of F5’s market-leading application services to make their applications faster, more available, and secure. Organisations can extend F5’s robust security solutions to their Azure cloud environments to protect applications from web attacks and secure access to applications and data.

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ForeScout CounterACT with ControlFabric Technology

Watch this video to learn how the ForeScout ControlFabric architecture enables CounterACT and other IT solutions to exchange information and more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues.

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Gemalto enables strong authentication on any device via Bluetooth® Smart technology

Gemalto Bluetooth Smart solutions extend open public key cryptographic strong authentication to all devices, in particular all portable computers, tablets and mobile devices.

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Growing, Growing, Gigamon: Deloitte Signals Continued Success for Gigamon and their Partners

Hold on tight. Gigamon is on the rise. And partners are poised to share the rewards.

For the third year in a row, Gigamon has been named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list. Gigamon grew 131% during Deloitte’s assessment period (2011–2014), and they are not done yet. 

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Gigamon adds context-aware visibility to standard NetFlow metadata generation

Security has become increasingly complex as the amount of data on the network increases and cyber criminals become more sophisticated.  Often, security appliances on the network are fed too much traffic and this not only reduces their effectiveness, but it also means analysis of the traffic can result in a high number of false positives. 

In order to simplify and automate policy enforcement, Gigamon has enhanced the security capabilities of its GigaVUE-OS by providing context-aware metadata information in the NetFlow/IPFIX format. 

By generating metadata, Gigamon’s latest functionality ensures security tools on the network are able to perform more efficiently, and also have the potential to detect threats far more quickly through the high-value, contextual data Gigamon can provide. 

What’s more, the new metadata record generation now includes HTTP Response Codes that can be used by security tools to detect whether a server has been compromised and is redirecting a user to a malicious website or is unavailable because it is the target of a Distributed Denial of Service attack.  

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Intel Security

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Spear phishing: what can be done?

What can your customers do to protect themselves against phishing, one of cyber-criminal’s most powerful tools?  Spear phishing: what can be done?

Intel Security Corporate Strategy Recap

On November 5, 2015 we hosted a webcast covering our evolving corporate strategy with Intel Security executives Chris Young and … Continue reading Intel Security Corporate Strategy Recap

Active Response “Detect and Correct” promotion

Until the end of Q1 2016, customers can get a year’s McAfee Active Response subscription free when they buy ESM, … Continue reading Active Response “Detect and Correct” promotion

Partner Learning Center Unavailable December 31 – January 11

The Partner Learning Center (PLC) will be down for maintenance December 31, 2015 – January 11, 2016

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RSA finds Previously Undetectable RAT

RSA Research has published a report about GlassRAT, a previously undetectable Remote Access Tool that was discovered by the RSA Incident Response Team and investigated by RSA Research during an engagement with a multi-national enterprise. While the malware was not detectable by endpoint antivirus products, RSA Security Analytics was able to identify and alert on its network traffic and RSA ECAT subsequently identified the malware.  

Evidence suggests that the tool is being used as part of a targeted campaign focused on Chinese nationals in commercial organisations. The RSA blog provides further details and access to the full report. 

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Security Analytics Is The Cornerstone Of Modern Detection And Response

In July 2015, RSA commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how the capabilities of SIEM and security analytics solutions stack up against the current threat landscape. To do this, Forrester conducted a survey of 180 security and risk professionals from countries around the world, as well as interviewed security professionals responsible for security monitoring at their organisations.  Read the key findings and the report in full below.

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Multi-User MIMO and the Ruckus R710

See a basic MU-MIMO demo with the Ruckus R710, the first Wave 2 802.11ac AP to market, in a simple, easy-to-understand approach. 

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Fortinet / Meru Competitive Brief

Fortinet's acquisition of Meru Networks was just another market consolidation to create a wired/wireless solution company. With no 802.11ac Wave 2 offering, Fortinet is struggling in the market to stabilize their go-to-market strategy through integration of the two product lines. To date, both companies are selling their wireless solutions separately. Take a look at our Fortinet / Meru competitive brief to help you win!

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New Financing Options

Ruckus has partnered with Brocade to deliver alternative financing options to help you close business!

Trend Micro

Cloud Security Blog: To Patch or Not To Patch?

When a zero-day vulnerability is identified, organisations may feel intense pressure to patch systems right away. But as this blog explains - based on a recent paper from Gartner - patching live systems might be the wrong move. Share this to help your customers understand security in the cloud - and the options that come with Trend Micro™ Deep Security’s virtual patching capability.

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