Tibero and IBM Power – a great combination!

Tibero and IBM Power – a great combination!

Tibero is an Oracle-compatible database on PowerLinux that can help you become more price-competitive, reduce time to market and improve your bottom line.

About Tibero

TmaxSoft is a Korean enterprise software company that has an Oracle-compatible database called Tibero which is currently used by over 1000 clients throughout Asia, including well-known brands such as Kia- Hyundai, LG Electronics and Samsung.

Tibero runs on Red Hat Linux on IBM Power and offers ISVs enterprise-level performance and functionality at a significantly lower price point and under simpler and more flexible licensing terms than similar products such as Oracle. 

Why should you switch to Tibero?

  • Strong ROI and no hidden development cost
  • Significantly reduce 3rd party licence fees for ISVs
  • Does not require re-training of staff
  • Compelling pricing for Power8 platform – low core factors

Tibero and IBM POWER

Tibero and IBM POWER

Migrating your application to Tibero will be quick and simple.  If you have a java-based application you'll be able to support Tibero in a matter of days and offer your solution to the marketplace with all the additional benefits that Red Hat Linux and IBM Power8 provides.

Application portability from x86 architecture to Power can now be achieved very simply now that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 is supported by IBM. By virtually scaling out with the PowerLinux platform, an organisation can typically expect to have a noticeably smaller footprint compared to an x86 solution and lower operating costs.

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Meet your testing requirements with our Proof of Concept Service

The Chilli IT Proof of Concept lab offers you varying hardware and software options hosted through Chilli's private cloud architecture to meet your testing requirements. Test AIX, IBM i and Linux Operating Systems, Oracle-compatible databases such as Tibero on POWER8 for performance benchmarking with your data. The choice is yours!

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We provide high quality consultancy and support not only on new technologies, but also in leveraging the maximum benefit from existing infrastructure. Chilli IT have gained extensive knowledge in IBM Power Systems, IBM i, AIX, Linux and Intel integration, and have helped configure, implement, manage and support some of the most complex installations in Europe.