ATTP | September 2015



Hello and welcome to the Autumn edition of Arrow - To the Point

Welcome to the September edition of Arrow To The Point. The leaves are turning brown, the house heating is being turned on. Q4 is upon us.

As you read this we will be closing the books for Q3, and I will update you on business performance on the next Boardcast… allowing. I can’t go into numbers at this point, but I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight some of the teams who have been central to driving growth across Arrow UK&I since the beginning of the year. Throughout 2015, we have seen strong revenue performance across many parts of our business, but we have seen standout performance from our VMware, Nimble, Symantec/Veritas, Bluecoat and Juniper teams. Our business performance throughout 2015 has shown that the breadth of our portfolio is a real strength. Not only does it drive growth on a broad front, but the diversity of the portfolio allows us to balance the business. If one particular sector is down, this is balanced out by strong performance in another.

The beginning of Q4 sees us going into the detailed planning phase for 2016. Everyone is aware that our industry is changing rapidly. Cloud, Software Defined Technologies and the Internet of Things are producing new frontiers, new competition and new opportunities every day. If you don’t know what these things are….find out. Central to our thinking for FY16 will be aligning with the Global Arrow ECS Strategy of (1) making sure we continue to add value to our existing customers, (2) adapting our value model to reflect the role that infrastructure software plays in the evolving world, and (3) building a new ecosystem to drive our business in a world of Cloud and service providers.

If you aren’t clear on what these themes are, or would simply like to talk about how Arrow will be driving the business forward in the future, please feel to book some time with me when I am in your office.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you and farewell to our NetApp/Oracle Divisional Director, Gary Matson. Gary leaves us to take a up a Partner Leadership role at EMC and we wish him every success in his new venture.

So, back to where we started. Q4 is our most important quarter of the year. Take a couple of days to draw breath after the Q3 close, and then let’s hit October hard.

Thank you.