ATTP | September 2015

New Partners and Big Wins

New Partners and Big Wins

Pure Storage

We kicked off our first quarter with Pure by closing a £720k Deal for Morgan Stanley via RTP Technology and then a £240k deal for QVC via SCC. 

We are now working on a pipeline totaling nearly £4m. The call out to all the Account Managers is to talk Pure. Who of their customers are already selling it and why not from us? And what are their resellers proposing if they don’t have deal reg on an EMC or Netapp deal..? Pure would like meetings with our resellers please.

Contact the Virtualisation team


Ben Higgins is driving this business for Arrow. We are seen as the “go-to distributor” for Airwatch which has resulted in a flying start. We will close out on Q3 having done over £750k, so a great start. Please speak to Ben if any of your resellers need a solution for Mobile Device Management.

Big Wins!