ATTP | April 2016

Company News

Company News

We are moving!

Welcome to our new London home – Dowgate House

Our superb new office will be opening shortly, located just across from Cannon Street tube station and will provide our employees, customers and vendors with an extensive working, learning and executive briefing centre in the heart of London.

Click on the image below to see the design plans

The Main Office, Executive Briefing Centre and Education Facility are located across three floors in this fabulous City building, Dowgate House. The new office space will be renovated to provide:

> Networking and meeting areas — 7 meeting rooms will be fully equipped with video conferencing. 

> Exclusive drop-in area — offering our guests high-speed internet access.

> An impressive training facility — 9 fully equipped training rooms, including large break-out areas to use and relax in during breaks. 

> Executive Briefing Centre — the first of its kind to house and demonstrate a fully functional lab-based centre where the technology manages the experience.

Arrow Talent interview on Stray FM

Have you heard of Arrow Talent

Dawn Gregory, our Learning and Development Manager, talks to Stray FM about the young talent initiatives available with Arrow. She covers our Apprenticeship Programme, the Graduate Programme and how Arrow develops staff throughout their careers.

It's a really interesting listen about how the future of the business is determined by our recruitment strategy of young talent.

Interview Arrow Talent

Arrow expands ANZ team

Sean Kerins recently announced the acquisition of Distribution Central, a value-added distributor focused on security, data centre networking and cloud.

Headquartered in Sydney, with operations across Australia and New Zealand, Distribution Central has provided integrated technology solutions and services for more than two decades. When combined with our capabilities from the earlier Observatory Crest acquisition, this makes Arrow the leading value-added distributor in the region. In addition, it provides access to incremental and complementary solutions, as well as suppliers such as NetApp, Riverbed, Avaya, HP and Palo Alto Networks.

As expected, there is work to be done to introduce and integrate Distribution Central into Arrow, including integration with our existing ANZ business. We will be working over the coming weeks and months to ensure a smooth transition for employees, customers and suppliers.

Use the force - control BB8 with your mind

This is IBM news rather than Arrow but it was too good not to share! Watch how a boffin at IBM can control BB8's movements with his mind!

The question about Cloud

Arrow on Point Podcast, Podcast, Cloud, Steve Robinson 

This time around, On Point interviews Arrow Global Vice President of Cloud, Steve Robinson.

In this podcast they discuss:

  • Bursting workloads to the Cloud seems like a popular way to use the Cloud. What does an end user need to do to have their current IT department ready to “burst” workloads?
  • Now that companies have been using the Cloud for a few years, many are pulling workloads out of the Cloud. What does a user need to consider when determining if it makes sense to move a workload to the Cloud?
  • More Cloud providers seem to be offering an enhanced service model, analytics, compliance, connectivity. What should users know before moving core applications to the Cloud?
  • As businesses seem to have fewer physical locations, DR would appear to be a good opportunity for Cloud. What is Arrow offering for agnostic and vendor aligned solutions?
Podcast Recording

Twitter Poll on Cloud Security

The IT Insider recently conducted a Twitter Poll to gauge its followers’ perception of Cloud Security. The results was really interesting and may help you to understand the mindset of both end users and our partners. 

Visit the IT Insider View Twitter Poll

Get on board with Arrow Cloud

Cloud-orientated business attracts more customers, achieve higher revenues and profits and accelerate their growth. Find out how your partners can get onboard with the Arrow Cloud Enablement Programme.


Fortune World's Most Admired Companies, Arrow

Workday Profile Update Campaign

For your chance to WIN 250 PeoplePoints…

Last year we launched the Careers Module within Workday which required you to complete your Employee Profile. The Employee Profile, as well as the EPR and the Goal Setting process that you have just completed, help you to improve the dialogue with your manager about your future career and development aspirations and goals.  

To ensure your profiles are up-to-date and reflect your currents roles, educations and ambitions, which might have changed over the last 12 months, all employees are required to update their profiles. 



1. Simply login to Workday

2. Go to your Inbox

3. Complete the outstanding Update Profile task!

4. Ensure all areas are updated and complete within the ‘careers’ areas. Please note it is mandatory that the following areas are completed:

  •  Job History
  •  Education
  •  Career Interests and Preference
  •  Work Experience
  •  Travel Preference (within Career Interests)
  •  Relocation - Short Term (within Career Interests)
  •  Relocation - Long Term (within Career Interests)


Below is a short video you can use to help you get started. Click on the link to be redirected to the video:



If you update and complete all areas of your Employee Profile by COB 27th May 2016, your name will be entered into a draw of 10x WINNERS who will each win 250 PeoplePoints!

Your accomplishments and aspirations are important to Arrow. Take the opportunity – log into Workday and complete your Employee Profile for the best chances of winning a prize.  

If you have additional questions, please contact a member of the HR team at 


Workday Email HR