ATTP | April 2016

Five Must Wins

Five Must Wins

Introducing Arrow The Hub | The World is Changing

We're all living busier lives. We are always on. Always forward.

In one minute on the internet...

  • 205.6 million emails are sent 
  • 3.1 million Google searches are made 
  • 422,340 tweets are posted from Twitter

We wanted to help our partners cut through the noise but still stay up to date with the latest channel news, so we created The Hub

Responsive. Informative. Relative. 

Explore The Hub Newsstands: 

Business Intelligence 

Data Centre 




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Arrow ECS VMM - Back with a Bang!

The Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) is a tool designed to aid Arrow Channel Partners designed to plan and implement successful marketing campaigns by taking advantage of the ready-to-go vendor materials that can be customised quickly and easily saving our partners valuable time and money. 

Sign into the Virtual Marketing Manager now to see what’s changed and what’s new!


VMM Training

Whether you’re being introduced to the VMM for the first time or if you’d just like to refresh your memory, we will be offering training internally to all staff over the coming weeks. Training will be delivered via an online webinar session and will give you an overview of the new and enhanced functionality and provide you with a chance ask any questions.  

Please registered your interest for this training by emailing Louise Lenton-Bradley 


The latest enhancements to the VMM include a completely re-branded site that is simpler and faster to navigate. The homepage now acts as a sign post connecting our partners to everything marketing including multiple vendor sites and Arrow marketing platforms and social steams. Find out more.

New Features

New features have been added giving partners more functionality. The Resource Library has been complete reworked providing a new user friendly interface and access to a variety of vendor and industry content. This is further enhanced by the new search facility to quickly locate campaigns, customisable items and downloadable resources.


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Support Services Incentive - The Sequel!

Nick's mantra of Services, Services, Services is more important than ever this year! With 75-100% margin available, it is an easy and effective way to increase margin on all product sales and is essential to growth within the UK&I business. 

You can read the full details of the incentive here but simply put;

For every qualifying sales order you will receive £20 in people points (200 points). That is EVERY order. 

In our last incentive the highest achiever received 4600 people points. That is £460.00!

If you quote 10 customers a day, and only 1 converts into an Arrow Support order that would be £1,660.00 over the course of the incentive. Why wouldn’t you do it?!



Our blog has had a makeover!

Our blog has a new look and a ton of new content. 

The new blog has been designed as a place for Arrow staff to share their innovative ideas about the world of technology. It's an informal way of communicating with our customers and a great way of getting new information into the channel.

If you have an idea for a blog post we can assist you to put something together. We cover everything from sales, marketing and technical pieces to those focused more in our V areas. Please email Maddie Deaton if you'd like to contribute.


Latest Posts

Taking the SMART route to the Cloud - Scott Murphy

Arrow Bandwidth Episode 4 - SDDC 101: An Introduction - David Fearne & Richard Holmes

Virtual Marketing Manager – Back with a Bang! - Louise Lenton-Bradley

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Tune in!

Are you listening to Arrow Bandwidth? 

It’s our new podcast for the channel. Every Thursday David Fearne and Richard Holmes talk to special guests from Arrow and the rest of the industry, all about tech insight and channel trends. 

Arrow Bandwidth is available for download on iTunes or can be streamed on Sound Cloud.

Latest episodes: 

IoT 101: From Sensor to Sunset

IoT: Finding the business value

Cloud in 2016

Live Special – Arrow Bandwidth @ Cloud Expo Europe 

SDDC 101: An Introduction

Want to be on an episode? Have an episode idea? Please get in touch with Hannah Jenney 

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Hints and tips from MIS

Our Desktop Support team within MIS spend their days running around after 600+ people trying to keep us all online and able to do our jobs.

In each issue of Arrow-to the point Stephen Wilcockson from MIS will share some technology hints, tips and suggestions to help make your lives easier and answer some frequent questions or issues that you may face.



EUECS Password Expiration

You may have seen the emails, your EUECS account is the one you use for Outlook, Lync/Skype for Business, office 365. It is also the account you use to log in each morning.

If you’re from Newmarket please be aware that your local account is still different, you use a clgroup.local account to login. Be aware your EUECS account’s password is likely to be different from your local account as this is changed every 90 days.

In order to change your EUECS password you have two options. You can go to Https:// this the link to the French Cirtix server where you can log in using your EUECS account.

  • At the very latest log in here on your password’s last day before expiry, using your email address as the username and your EUECS password here.
  • Once logged in click on the settings cog on the top right and then the “change password” button. At this stage you will need to type a new password that matches our corporate policy. It must have a capital letter, number and special character. It also mustn’t match any of your previous passwords you’ve used for the account.
  • Once changed you can log out of the site.  


Alternatively (and this is only if you are not a Newmarket user) you can, while connected to the corporate network, press ctrl +alt + delete and change your password this way.

  • Please allow for up to an hour for Outlook, Lync/Skype for business and your corporate mobile phone to request your new password.
  • When it does, be sure that again your email address is the username and your new password is used for Skype for Business and Outlook. 

After that you’re all set for another 90 days.

Laptop users must also remember to synchronise their McAfee Client. You can do this by right clicking the McAfee endpoint encryption icon after changing your password, clicking show status and then clicking synchronise on the window which opens.

We have had some reports that this last stage with McAfee account password changes hasn’t worked as expected. I would advise for the time being that laptop users raise a support call with after changing their euecs passwords, we can assist from here.

Please note, if you restart your laptop before we are able to respond, your laptop will require your old password to pass the McAfee login. It will then require you to type your new password to access windows.

Ask Stephen a question

Arrow Education Packs

Arrow Education sold over £125k of Education Packs through resellers in Q1 (end users Barclays, Harrods, RBS and Sainsburys). Congratulations to the Education Services team!

Education Packs are a great way for partners to boost their revenues/margins and can be recognised immediately.

Help your customers to maximise their annual training budget and lock in big savings for 12 months;

  • Customer satisfaction high with a fully trained, motivated workforce
  • Use budget effectively with the flexibility to book courses as required
  • Simplify the process with a single PO and one account to train multiple people across the organisation

We are also in the process of creating a VMM template, so partners can easily promote the benefits to their customers.

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