ATTP | April 2016



Hello and welcome to the April edition of Arrow - to the Point

Spring has sprung, although I wasn’t totally sure while I was standing in the snow at Leeds Bradford Airport yesterday. It’s April, so we are in the middle of Q2. We’ll go through the Q1 performance on the next Boardcast but for now, I will say a big thank you to everybody who burned the midnight oil to close out Q1. It was a busy last week, as we had the March 31st calendar close as well as out own fiscal close on the Friday and Saturday. I know that many late night pizzas were consumed. Thank you to all.

There are many good things to read about in this month’s edition, but as they say in the newspaper world….BREAKING NEWS. It has just been announced that Arrow ECS in Europe has now been confirmed as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider Partner. What does this mean in practice? It means that we can now distribute Microsoft Cloud products such as Azure, Office365 and CRM amongst others. As you all know, many companies – big and small – are foregoing buying hardware and software, and are using the Cloud for their applications, compute and storage capacity. Having the Microsoft portfolio to complement our other Cloud offerings from our fantastic range of partners (IBM, VMware, Oracle and Forcepoint to name just a few) puts us in a fantastic position to meet our customers’ needs; either off-premise, on-premise or a combination of the two.

So, we near the middle of our Q2 journey. Our portfolio of products, services and Cloud offerings has never been stronger, and our energy levels are high. June will be a an momentous month with the EU referendum on the 23rd. History will be made whichever way the vote goes, but when scholars look back on June 2016 I would like the historians to see that Arrow ECS had a stupendous close to their quarter…and oh yes… there was a vote as well.