ATTP | April 2016

Staff Achievements

Staff Achievements

Louise Lenton-Bradley achieves Distinction in CIM

We in the Marketing team are very proud to announce that after a year of study whilst working full time, Louise Lenton-Bradley has achieved her Certificate in Professional Marketing with Distinction. Congratulations Louise!

Sport Relief in the Nottingham Office

The adorable Ralph Widdowson gave a motivational speech to our Nottingham office before Sport Relief kicked off and it must have done the trick as they managed to collectively do 159.61 miles over the Sport Relief weekend!

Congrats to our marathon runners!

Congratulations to ArrowFit members Jerry Watson and Thom Norman who completed the London Marathon last weekend, amazing effort!

Kudos to Thom who also ran the Manchester Marathon a couple of weeks ago, glutton for punishment :-)

Arrow Management Development Programme

February saw the completion of the second Management Development Programme.

The programme has run for 15 months and included 35 members of the Arrow ECS UK team. 

The benefits these team members have gained from our programme are numerous and have included increased self-confidence, acquisition of new skills, refreshed existing skills and improved communication.

The programme was delivered in Harrogate, Newmarket, Nottingham and Theale.

Please join us in Congratulating the Management Development Class of 2015

Alex Richens
Amie Hardman
Andy Easton
Ann Winter
Ben Taylor
Catherine Boyd
Claire Houlding
Claire Hughes
Craig Moody

Greg Hewitson
James Nixon
James O'Carroll
Jenny Price
Jill Isaac
Katie Lyon
Kevin McDonnell
Laura Stewart
Michael Cox
Nadeem Merchant
Natalie Dalgleish
Onika Taylor
Pascal Joly

Piers Tildesley
Rebecca Bailey
Richard White
Rob Jacobs
Ronnie Jorgenson
Ross Cunnington

Russell Hinds
Sean Scott
Shireen Kandola
Steve Knowles
Sue Gardner
Trudy Flaherty
Yaw Owusu

The current Programme commenced in September and is due to be completed in February 2017. We will be starting the next enrolment in August/September for the class of 2017.