Networking and Security | August 2016

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The 1H 2016 Shadow Data Report – available to download

Nearly 100% of Business Cloud Applications lack Enterprise Grade Security and Compliance Features, according to Blue Coat Elastica Shadow Data Report.

Based on analysis of over 108M documents and 15,000+ cloud apps, the report addresses key trends and challenges faced by enterprises looking to secure business-critical data stored and shared via cloud apps and services.

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Juniper Security Flash - We’re In It to Win It!

There couldn’t be a better time to partner with Juniper on Security. As your customers face some of the greatest security challenges ever, there is an enormous opportunity to move them away from a “network security” mind set to truly secure networks with Juniper’s Software Defined Secure Network solution.

We have been extremely busy in past months and have made significant enhancements to our Security portfolio, introducing a number of new platforms, with significant enhancements to existing ones. This momentum accelerates into the 2H’16 as Juniper doubles down on resources available to you to help you grow your Security business.

To help you harness these resources, we are kicking off the Security Flash which will be a regular communication containing short, helpful messages on “All Things Juniper Security.”

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The IBM Onion of Security – It Will Make Hackers Cry!

John Watkins from Arrow's IBM team recently published a two part blog post, describing and explaining IBM's Security solutions in a simple and easy to understand format.

Here is a taster of what he said. To read the full story, visit the link below.

"I can still recall the watershed moment it all fell into place …

It was halfway through the prestigious three day IBM Security Top Gun training, and we had already been bombarded by so many security product names and best practices that my head was swimming. I desperately needed to make sense of why there were so many products and how they all fitted together (particularly as there were tests ahead and the esteemed Top Gun cap to win ;-)

Sat at lunch, chatting to the other students and toying with a slice of onion ring in my salad, I had my security epiphany! Protecting an enterprise’s business critical data and intellectual property (IP) was like an Onion of Security! The data and IP were at the heart of the onion, with hackers, criminals and other cyber-malcontents on the outside, trying to get through numerous layers of integrated and intelligent security.

So, what does the IBM Onion of Security look like and how does it work to protect business critical assets? Here is my own personal take on this question …"

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F5 - The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) and its exponential growth are changing how devices and people interact via the Internet. But the IoT isn’t just about the things. Applications enable the things to deliver the services people expect. F5 can help you build an IoT-ready infrastructure that ensures your applications will scale to meet rapidly expanding demands. With F5, you can deliver greater security, availability, and performance for your applications and the things they empower.

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F5 Silverline DDoS Protection

F5 security experts are available 24/7 to keep your business online during a DDoS attack.


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Get Started with APT Intelligence

Increase your awareness and knowledge of high profile targeted attacks with comprehensive, practical reporting from Kaspersky Lab.

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CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Terma Defends its Data on Mobile with Capsule Workspace

Terma, a defense and aerospace contractor in Denmark, needed to ensure corporate data on mobile devices were secure. Read the case study and learn why Terma selected Check Point Capsule Workspace to containerize and protect the company's confidential data.

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