Networking and Security | August 2016

Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight

Check Point Recommended Again in NSS Labs Breach Detection System Test

How do you evaluate sandboxing solutions? NSS released the results of their 2016 NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems Test. Read the report now on PartnerMAP to see how Check Point SandBlast performed. Be sure to share the results with your customers by forwarding this link.

2 for 2. Check Point Recommended for Security Effectiveness and Value in NSS Breach Detection Systems Test Again.

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 Date: September 7th 2016

Time: 2pm BST

All you need to do is listen to the news and you know that the cyber threat landscape in 2016 has gotten much worse. But what types of threats are driving the IT community into taking action? And what actions are they are taking?

Join Check Point and SANS Institute on September 7th as we discuss the key results of the 2016 SANS Threat Landscape Survey to fully understand the current threat landscape and prepare for the security threats we face. During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Common threat vectors and how they have changed over the past year
  • The threat types IT professionals see as most impacting their organizations
  • Causes of IT security incidents within organizations – how attacks are getting in
  • Important IT security tools currently used to mitigate risk and prevent threats, as well as tools planned for future implementation
  • Best practices to protect organizational assets
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SandBlast Zero-Day Protection

For enterprises at risk of targeted attacks such as spear phishing and Advanced Persistent Threats, Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, with its unique exploit-level detection and threat extraction, provides an additional layer of security from even the most sophisticated hackers and dangerous attacks. Unlike traditional sandboxing solutions that are subject to evasion techniques and either introduce unacceptable delays or let potential threats through while under evaluation, Check Point catches more malware, with minimal impact on delivery times.

Advanced Threat Prevention for Office 365™ Cloud Email

Cloud email tools such as Microsoft Office 365™ allow businesses to efficiently communicate and collaborate, without investing resources in managing and maintaining their own dedicated IT infrastructure. However, the shift to cloud-based tools also brings with it an array of security risks. Sophisticated attacks such as spear-phishing and ransomware use email as a primary entry point, resulting in financial impact, data loss, and lost productivity.

Watch this on-demand webcast as we discuss how Check Point expands its award-winning SandBlast™ family of solutions to protect your Office 365 users and environment by:

  • Delivering the highest malware catch rate from known and unknown threats
  • Proactively preventing attacks and providing safe content to end users, without compromising on speed

Providing a pure cloud solution that is transparent to end users and is easy to deploy and manage

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