ATTP | February 2016

Company News

Company News

Five Years Out

Our Corporate Marketing team has been hard at work revamping the Five Years Out website

Content is now easily found by areas of the Arrow business and then by the V categories. There is a ton of new information and reusable content on there but the most shareable content for you will be the new videos for each V area.

Arrow created a fantastic new video for Aerospace and Defence which was made into a Super Bowl commercial and has since gone viral with over 600,000 views on Youtube. There is a video for this, and all the other V's, please check them out below and share with your partners.








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Employee Performance Review Discussions

As you’re all hopefully aware, EPR discussions kicked off on the 11th February and are to be submitted along with goals for 2016 by the deadline, 21st March. Aimee and Dawn will be conducting training on goal setting in Workday, details will follow shortly regarding this.

In addition, there are a number of materials to help you complete this process, these can be found on the Intranet or on the Global EPR Portal. Please ensure you manage your time accordingly around this final stage and if you have any questions or require any support, please don’t hesitate to contact

EPR Portal


This quarter's Townhall sees guest appearances from Sam Schmidt, James Hinchcliffe and Mandy Stein to discuss the fantastic projects that Arrow ran with in 2015. We also hear how technology built and supplied by Arrow has revolutionised one farmer's agriculture methods. If you want to hear how the company you work for is changing the world, make sure to listen to the Townhall!

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Why is everything Software Defined and why should I care?



The ECS E-Magazine has started producing regular podcasts and the latest one is very well timed to coincide with our SMARTcentre plans.

  • What are end users most interested in for software defined?
  • What is a software defined data centre?
  • What is needed to prepare for software defined?
  • What is a container? Docker? OpenStack? Rancher?
  • If I don’t go SDX, will I be left behind?
  • I am not a networking guy, do I need to have a full networking strategy to play in SD?

Dan Waters recently sent out a communication fully explaining our move into the SMARTcentre and how software-defined data centres and work places are driving this. You can read it here and download the SMARTcentre Definitions cheat sheet here.

Podcast Recording SMARTcentre Definitions

2015 Review from Sean Kerins

When I started to summarise 2015, I realised that my usual quarterly message wouldn't suffice. Between double-digit sales growth and our investments in high-growth areas like security and cloud, we have a lot to be proud of. We also have some well-defined focus areas guiding our work for 2016.

In late January I had the privilege of sharing this story with the Global Summit audience. So, in lieu of a written memo, I thought I'd share a recording of my Summit message with each of you. It also helps to remind ourselves of the strategy that will continue to drive the next 12 months, so we've provided that replay here as well.

Thanks to each of you for delivering a terrific 2015. We have some exciting times ahead of us, and I can't imagine any other team more capable of this journey.





Global ECS Strategy Video Replay 

In just five minutes, Sean Kerins takes you through the global strategy guiding our work in 2016.



2015 Arrow snapshot



Ever wonder what the Third Platform is? Find out here!


The Third Platform is another technology term that seems to be used by everyone at the moment. But what does it actually mean and how is it relevant to Arrow? Kevin Schoonover defined the Third Platform in this interesting article on ECS E-Magazine.

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