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Five Must Wins

Five Must Wins

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Hints and tips from MIS

Our Desktop Support team within MIS spend their days running around after 600+ people trying to keep us all online and able to do our jobs.

In each issue of Arrow-to the point Stephen Wilcockson from MIS will share some technology hints, tips and suggestions to help make your lives easier and answer some frequent questions or issues that you may face.



This one is mainly for Nottingham users of the Navision Citrix farm:

If you leave your desk and lock your screen you can sometimes come back, unlock your session and notice your external, second monitor is showing a blank screen. You can still move your mouse cursor onto it and even drag windows over to it but you cannot see anything.

This is a known issue and there are 2 simple fixes;


Option 1

The first is a tad inconvenient, it is the simplest option but it means you have to save and close all your open work, log off of Citrix, wait for it to close before launching a new session and then logging back into citrix again and reopening all of your documents. It can be time consuming.

It’s simpler than option 2, but is inconvenient. It can also lead to problems as launching another citrix session too soon after closing your original session can cause Citrix to believe you have more than one session open, and the only way to fix that is by raising a support ticket.


Option 2

Press the shift key+F2 and this will change the Citrix session to be in windowed mode, allowing you to easily edit the display settings on your local computer. This is useful as you cannot change these settings directly within Citrix, the Citrix desktop takes these settings from your local machine and replicates them.

From here press Alt +Tab, this will minimise your citrix session but you haven’t been logged out. Right click anywhere on your local machine’s desktop and click screen resolution. From here you’ll see a “Multiple Displays” drop down menu, it will be set correctly to “extend these displays. However, to make Citrix “see” your external monitor again you have to click the drop down menu and set your monitor to duplicate the other monitor.

Click “apply” and your screens will go blank and flicker (this is normal) but then your Citrix session will appear as full screen again on both screens duplicated. At this point please wait for 15 seconds; this is long enough for the settings on your local machine to be “reverted” back to “extend these displays” but after it has reverted automatically your monitors will appear correctly again.

Problem solved! You can now move windows between monitors as you could before within your active Citrix session.


It sounds a bit more long winded than the first option but this can be done much quicker than the first solution and it also means you keep your active Citrix session and all your work open.

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