ATTP | February 2016



Hello and welcome to the February edition of Arrow - to the Point

Being in the middle of Q1, FY15 seems to be fairly distant in the rear view mirror, but let me reiterate some of the points I made on the Boardcast a couple of weeks ago. We saw very strong revenue growth across the business – thank you – but we continue to have work to do to ensure that our articulation of value translates in a strong margin performance.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the fundamentals of capitalism don’t change. Margin pays for all of us. Margin is directly derived from value. The more value that the customer receives – the higher margins we make. For those of you who were on the Boardcast (if you weren’t – please catch up with the recording) you will recall that every 0.01% of margin matters. Everyone in the company – bar none – has a role to play in driving margin and/or being sensible with costs. I’ll sign off 2015 with a resounding thank you to each and everyone of you for your hard work in driving our business forward. It is hugely appreciated and I know that Arrow’s can-do attitude is one of the key reasons why we are successful.

So what does 2016 hold? Well, if you are getting tired of the word “change” stop reading now. We are seeing the development of the largest merger/acquisition in IT history – the $67bn joining together of Dell and EMC. We are seeing the Cloud marketplace grow hand over fist. We are seeing Business Analytics offer previously unthought of perspectives on the world. We are seeing the Internet of Things become a reality – everything is connected. We are seeing one of our distribution competitors – Ingram – being bought by a Chinese company.

For us? You have heard me say many times that it is far more fun driving change than being driven by it.

We will change. We will transform to reflect the social, technical and commercial changes we see around us.

If you don’t like change… you are in the wrong place.

2016 is here. Let’s show our competition who they are messin’ with.