Networking and Security | January 2016

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Download Your Guide to Protection against Crypto-Ransomware

It’s possible that you or someone in your company will get held to ransom by a cryptor at some point and this could have a devastating effect on your business. Spear-phishing and other advanced tactics are used by cryptor authors to target PCs, Macs, Android devices and even virtual systems. As with most things prevention is better than cure – and in this case much less expensive! So, don’t get held to ransom… learn how to protect your business from cryptors with our Practical Guide: Could your business survive a cryptor?

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F5 Interview - Is 2016 the year of Security?

In an interview, F5 CTO Karl Triebes asks ‘Is 2016 the Year of Security?’

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Ruckus Primary and Secondary Education Toolkit

Ruckus Primary and Secondary Education Toolkit

Ruckus has created a Primary and Secondary Education Campaign which should help support you when selling into Education.  The folder includes:

  • Email Campaign

A word documents that include the HTML and TEXT of 3 Primary Education marketing emails, as well as their corresponding banner images. This allows you to choose whether you want to take the HTML template and paste it into your own Marketing Automation tool, or, if you want to recreate emails yourself using the text and banner images. You will just need to update it with your logo and contact information. 

  • Additional Assets

This includes the updated Primary and Secondary Education Presentation and Primary Education Brochure, as well as a solution brief, infographic and 4 case studies.

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Cybercrime in 2016: what's coming?

Don't be caught napping. The cyber threat landscape is changing and developing at a dizzying pace, with cybercriminals devising new attack methods and vectors, taking advantage of new opportunities and refining existing tactics.

The McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions Report offers a five-year cybersecurity forecast and predicts the leading threats for the coming year.

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Recent Zero-Day Exploits

Get up to date with the most recent Zero-Day exploits. Zero-day attacks are cyber attacks against software flaws that are unknown and have no patch or fix.

FireEye has discovered 21 zero-day attacks in the past two+ years, many more than the top ten security companies combined.

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