BT | August 2016

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Check Point Success Story

RoundTower Customer Proactively Secures its Data Centre Beyond the Edge with vSEC

Check Point partner, RoundTower Technologies, recently implemented vSEC in the data centre for a customer. Seeking a security solution beyond the edge, the customer found a solution that proactively inspected, quarantined, alerted and met all its data centre security requirements with Check Point vSEC.

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Cloud Security Primer- guidance for your move to the cloud

This is security. Integrated.

Get up to speed on cloud models, their security challenges, and how you can protect them

There’s no one way in which today’s enterprises employ cloud. Various private, public, and hybrid cloud models are all in use across most enterprises. Many organisations implement SaaS, while IaaS and virtual private cloud are also widely used. Shadow IT results in even more cloud instances. One thing all these cloud deployments all have in common, however, is the need for integrated security. A Cloud Security Primer is the new whitepaper that tackles this very concern, addressing topics including:

  • Security challenges of hybrid clouds
  • Security challenges of public clouds
  • Security challenges of private clouds
  • Taking the next step

Integrated Security Is The Way Forward As data travels through public, private, and hybrid clouds, you need to ensure its protection. That’s not so simple once it moves beyond your network’s perimeter. This white paper provides guidelines to help you meet those challenges with comprehensive, integrated security. Understand the security obstacles that lie in front of you and learn what you can do to overcome them. Discover how your organisation can take the next step forward in building its cloud security strategy, regardless of the cloud model it deploys.

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Threat Protection in a Fast-Changing Security Landscape

Richard Turner, President of EMEA at FireEye discusses how can companies strengthen their security infrastructure to more effectively defend against the new wave of sophisticated cyberattack techniques. Stop for a moment and think about how much the security landscape has changed over the past few years. Companies are facing never-ending waves of sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored actors. And the landscape will continue to transform itself at the inexorable, exponential speed of technology. As the number and cost of corporate security breaches tick up, more companies are realising the necessity of being better prepared. How can you help your customers design and implement a security infrastructure that’s up to the job?

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