Networking and Security | June 2016

Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight

FireEye Fuel - June

Getting Ahead:

Threat Protection in a Fast-Changing Security Landscape

Richard Turner, President of EMEA at FireEye discusses how can companies strengthen their security infrastructure to more effectively defend against the new wave of sophisticated cyberattack techniques?

Stop for a moment and think about how much the security landscape has changed over the past few years.

Companies are facing never-ending waves of sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored actors. And the landscape will continue to transform itself at the inexorable, exponential speed of technology.

As the number and cost of corporate security breaches tick up, more companies are realising the necessity of being better prepared. How can you help your customers design and implement a security infrastructure that’s up to the job?

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FireEye Network Security

Now More Customers Can Benefit From FireEye NX

Security-mature organisations have long realised the value of FireEye Network Security (NX) in protecting their network infrastructure, data and users from known and unknown advanced threats. Now FireEye has developed two new editions of NX, to help you extend that protection to a broader range of organisations.

NX Power provides the traditional customer base a comprehensive network security platform incorporating more functionality, including mobile threat protection and contextual intelligence.

NX Essentials provides less security-mature organisations with affordable enterprise-class protection against advanced attacks, without overwhelming security teams.

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Keeping it Local: 

Delivering Security Without Compromising Privacy

Karin Peyerl, Privacy Director, FireEye

Sven Schriewer, Director, FireEye As A Service

Ensuring the privacy and sovereignty of company data benefits from well-designed systems and with a local data-center infrastructure

How do you reassure your customers that their data will remain private and within local jurisdictions when they look to you to strengthen their security?

Data privacy and data sovereignty continue to be white-hot topics for CIOs and heads of IT as they work to stay compliant with evolving data protection rules while ensuring that private data remains that way.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways FireEye can help customers as they look to keep their data secure, private and local.

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