Networking and Security | June 2016

Webinars and Events

Webinars and Events

NSX Experience Day

Date: July 11th

Time: 10:30am - 15:30pm

Location: 30 Euston Square London NW1 2FB

Transform your business with Arrow in three easy steps with VMware, Trend Micro and Juniper

Security is paramount to every business, and with VMware's NSX we can show you how you can utilise this solution to grow your business. But as we all know too well, the answer is rarely in one product alone. What customers want, is a full-proof solution to help reach their end goal of solidifying a strong network and security foundation, reduce costs, increase control, manageability and visibility, whilst extending solution benefits, like micro-segmentation! Sounds complicated, right? Actually it really isn't. Arrow will be joining forces with VMware, Trend Micro and Juniper on the 11th July to show you how their products combined will produce a competitive, iron-clad solution to your customers, whilst also propelling your revenue growth! On the day, you'll be walked through:

> An introduction into the importance of security

> The good, the bad and the ugly stories on the value of security

> Product overviews, market sizes and opportunities available to you

> How to integrate the solutions and build a compelling business case.

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Black Hat USA 2016

Date: July 31st - August 4th

Join us at Black Hat USA 2016, Jul 31 – Aug 4, 2016 at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

Visit Check Point Software in Booth #449 to hear the latest in Cyber Security Trends and Malware Analysis! We will also be providing demos of R80 Security Management, SandBlast, Mobile Threat Prevention & vSEC.

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The Future of the RSA SecurID® Solution (Don’t Miss this Webcast!)

Date: July 6th

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 BST

The RSA SecurID® solution is the world’s leading multifactor authentication solution. But rather than ride this product into the sunset, RSA has been innovating the platform and re-tooling it to meet the challenges of the next generation of identity (cloud, mobile, web, enterprise). We are redefining identity by extending and expanding the capabilities of the market-leading solution. Going way beyond the token, this new platform will help provide you with new revenue opportunities while solving some of the most complex identity challenges your customers are facing. Your existing customers – as well as your pipeline – will benefit. Join RSA as we make a major announcement about the future of the RSA SecurID platform.

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Trend Micro TippingPoint Breach Prevention Technical Workshop

Date: July 21st

Time: 11:00 - Late

As behind every successful sales person “hides” a successful presales, we invite YOU to challenge your sales people, customers and prospects to go beyond Breach Detection! Your knowledge of the solutions landscape defines the prospects solution scenario and in your technical expertise they trust.

Therefore join us for our Presales to Presales Workshop on TippingPoint's Breach Prevention Solution on the 21st July 2016.

Your takeaways from engaging with Trend Micro's Networking Security Presales and each other will be:

Update on TippingPoint's Breach Prevention Solution Scenario and Roadmap

What makes a Breach Prevention Solution vs. Breach Detection

How to walk away from a meeting with a well-qualified and positioned POC

How to position it even alongside and against core competitors

How to transform a POC into a purchase

What resources you can tap into

We look forward to welcoming you at Trend Micro's London office in Paddington!

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Stonesoft and Sidewinder Webcast

Date: July 18th

Time: 15:00 BST

Forcepoint invites you to attend our next Webcast and learn about the Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Sidewinder High Assurance Firewall recently acquired from Intel.

During this webcast we will cover the following topics:

  • High level overview of the platforms for channel sales associates.
  • How to position our NGFW products with customers.
  • Quoting configuration process for partners and distributors.
  • Forcepoint deal registration process for NGFW products.
  • Sales tools and resources available for Forcepoint partners.
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Discover UCOPIA's Summer webinars


Date: July 6th

Time: 16:00 BST

Subscribe to our channel webinar to learn more about our solution to manage tens of thousands of Wi-Fi users concurrently. Discover how UCOPIA leverages the Wi-Fi experience to increase customer engagement, and create new revenue opportunities.


  • UCOPIA Presentation
  • Features
  • Architectures
  • UCOPIA Integration
  • UCOPIA Services

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Date: July 27th

Time: 16:00 BST

Subscribe and learn how to analyse information collected by UCOPIA and monetise the Wi-Fi !


  • Use Cases
  • Wi-Fi Analytics
  • Wi-Fi Marketing
  • Technical overview
  • On premise solution

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More Webinars

SANS 2016 IT Security Spending Strategies Survey: On-Demand Webinar

During the last quarter of 2015, SANS conducted a survey of security professionals who are involved in the budgeting process. The goal of the survey is to help establish key trends and strategies for security spending that can eventually help directors set correct spending priorities and levels for their organisations.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • What influences security spending
  • What line items are included in most IT security budgets
  • How effective those spends are
  • Where it makes sense to outsource to the cloud (or not)
  • The most successful means of justifying security budgets and spends
  • What trends and technologies are in future spending plans
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Security Transformation Webinar: Is your organisation ready for the next breed of cyber threats

The traditional approach to IT Security is not enough to defend against tomorrows cyber-threats. A new proactive approach is required which allows you to combat a widening variety of threats whilst directly aligning the IT Security function to business goals. During this session, you will learn how to achieve this forward-looking capability whilst being more agile and responsive. We will detail what security transformation will look like in the coming year and how you can position your organisation to proactively manage the next wave of risk.

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