ATTP | September 2016



Hello and welcome to the September edition of Arrow - to the Point

It seems that there is always a something around the corner in our industry. The news of the potential Avnet acquisition by Tech Data has taken just about everyone by surprise. If things progress with the acquisition we’re sure we can turn it into an opportunity for Arrow. But for now we need to keep ourselves focused on the job at hand.

With that in mind, we have an important milestone baring down on us this week. 

We only have a few days to close out Q3, which when completed will give us a clearer indication of the business levels following the Brexit vote. So as usual, we ask you all to do whatever you can to make it a success. 

Achieving where we want to be has been made harder than usual due to people taking time away from their usual roles to focus on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Training of AX, the new ERP system and project. The hard work and commitment from everyone has been highly recognised and whilst we are pushing back the “go live” date, we want to continue with further testing and training throughout Q4 to get the system ready for us in the near future.

Please use your time wisely this week and do what you can in the coming days. Let’s close out Q3 with a smile.