Networking and Security | September 2016

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Get to Know Brocade!

Free, online training for Brocade solutions is now accessible through the Ruckus training portal. Both Sales and Pre-Sales courses are available, including fundamentals solutions training and elevator pitches.

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Signature-based security solutions can leave networks defenseless for months

Can you afford five months without protection for your network?

In a recent blog post, Avanan wrote that after five months of using a malware sample in their demos to show how malware can bypass traditional security solutions the malware was finally detected by a major enterprise email solution provider. The sample, a Cerber variant, was originally caught by the SandBlast Zero-Day Protection solution.

Cerber is a vicious ransomware-as-a-service operation, which we recently exposed in an in-depth report, CerberRing: An In-Depth Exposé on Cerber Ransomware-as-a-Service. It spreads through phishing emails and exploit kits, targeting thousands of users worldwide. Once it infiltrates, Cerber encrypts users’ files with the AES-265 and RC4 encryption methods and then demands a ransom of 1.24 bitcoins or ~$500 USD be paid in order to regain access of the user’s documents, photos and files.

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ZoneFlex H510 Product Overview

New course now available on recently launched ZoneFlex H510. This course is designed for and being offered to those desiring a high-level understanding of Ruckus products.

Course covers:

The ZoneFlex H510 dual-band 802.11ac 2x2:2 indoor wall mount access point, its positioning, performance, features, controller and controller-less support, target customers, use cases, and ordering information.

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Cloudpath Specialization Training

New two day Cloudpath Specialist Instructor Led Courses for our Partners. These courses walk you through the deployment steps for Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System. Will cover the configuration of a basic SmartZone (ZD or Unleashed) configuration to operate with Cloudpath Enrollment System.

This course provides the training needed to pass the Cloudpath Specialist Exam and thereby become a Cloudpath Specialist.

ZoneFlex Training

Online product training courses provides comprehensive overview on latest ZoneFlex R510 and ZoneFlex T710 solutions correspondingly. These courses are designed as part of becoming a Ruckus Wireless Big Dog Partner.

 What these courses cover:

Training on respective access points, its value proposition, positioning, performance, competitive information, features, controller support, target customers, and ordering information.

The 1H 2016 Shadow Data Report – available to download

Nearly 100% of Business Cloud Applications lack Enterprise Grade Security and Compliance Features, according to Blue Coat Elastica Shadow Data Report.

Based on analysis of over 108M documents and 15,000+ cloud apps, the report addresses key trends and challenges faced by enterprises looking to secure business-critical data stored and shared via cloud apps and services.

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