Software Defined Networking

Author: James Hankins

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is currently a hot topic in the IT industry with vendors like VMware heavily promoting their NSX product. Find out more

June 16, 2015 Technical Mobility

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Five ways Cloud Service Providers can make the Internet of Things a reality

Author: David Fearne

The term Internet of Things was first introduced way back in 1999 by technology innovator Kevin Ashton to describe a system where the Internet is connected

March 11, 2015 Technical

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PR is the business for the channel

Author: Sally Barton

PR online is powerful. As consumers, we recognise the value of the press with 70 percent of us preferring to get to know a company via articles than ads.

February 11, 2015 Marketing

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Taking a slice of hybrid cloud pie

Author: David Ellis

We have been working with SaaS, cloud vendors & solutions for several years, it’s easy to assume that hybrid cloud is a familiar term for it professionals

February 05, 2015 Technical Cloud

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How to Build a Winning Digital Strategy – look in the mirror

Author: Denise Bryant

One of the key challenges for businesses looking to exploit the huge opportunity that digital platforms provide us with today is how to link social media

February 05, 2015 Business Marketing

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Top ten technologies, trends and concepts for 2015

Author: David Fearne

First of all a disclaimer. These are not new technologies, more tech that has reached a certain level of maturity to become relevant to the channel

January 14, 2015 Technical

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