December 21, 2015. Business Author: Adam Parry

A Day in the Life of an Arrow Apprentice

Working towards a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration – and awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ less than three months into his role – promising apprentice 20-year-old Jake Wallace shares what it’s like to be a Support Analyst at Arrow UK.

For the past five months, Jake has been a member of the Internal Systems Support team at Arrow’s Newmarket office where he provides technical user support on a daily basis.


Why did you choose the Arrow Apprenticeship?

I chose the Arrow Apprenticeship scheme over going to college or university because I prefer a practical approach to learning. I like being in an office dealing with real problems and gaining hands-on experience in the workplace. Instead of spending all my time in a classroom studying, I am achieving practical understanding and knowledge in a work-based environment – something that I really value.


Before joining the apprenticeship scheme, what did you know about Arrow?

I knew very little about Arrow before I became an apprentice, but when I started I immediately knew Arrow was the right place for me.


What’s a typical day at Arrow like for you?

As a Support Analyst Apprentice, my typical day starts with checking the email gateway to see if any emails have been caught by the spam filter. Then I check my own inbox, and the shared Internal System mailbox, to see if any tickets (support-desk requests) have come through overnight that need to be actioned.

Following this, depending on what tickets have come through, I could be carrying out a variety of tasks. These could be anything from setting up a new user’s laptop, work mobile or email account, through to helping support users remotely in other countries across EMEA.


What has been your favourite project to work on?

So far, one of my favourite tasks to work on has been creating users in our Active Directory and email accounts on Exchange. Active Directory is our internal directory of active employees and users; the system is used to control user accounts, policies on computers and security groups. This has really helped develop my knowledge of how users are created, which in turn helps me when troubleshooting users’ issues.


You work for a technology company – what was the last piece of tech you bought and why?

The last piece of tech that I bought was a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s a high-quality piece of equipment that had everything I wanted in a smartphone; big screen, easy to navigate, and it runs so smoothly.


Are you studying during the scheme?

Alongside my day-to-day work in the office, I’m studying towards a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration. I was asked to pick five units, from a list of 100, to study what best suited me. Currently, I have been assigned to complete one unit every six weeks. At the end of my apprenticeship, I’ll not only have real workplace experience but a recognised qualification to help me progress in my career.


Do you have any advice for someone thinking about joining the apprenticeship scheme?

I would definitely recommend getting involved in the scheme. I’m only a few months into my apprenticeship and I already feel I have a huge understanding of how a work environment functions – after a very short period of time. It’s brilliant to be in a paid position whilst learning new skills and building out my CV. When I finish the apprenticeship, I’ll have 12 months’ experience working in an IT role within a great company – as well as a qualification in Business Administration.


And finally congratulations on your ‘Employee of the Month’ award – do you have any tips on how to succeed at Arrow?

I would suggest just being really proactive and taking on responsibilities to help ease your colleagues’ workloads. It’s important to work as a team and that’s what I’ve been doing, which seems to be working well!


Arrow Talent

The Arrow Talent scheme consists of apprenticeships, graduate placements and will soon offer internships. The scheme has been designed to make the technology and business sectors more approachable to young people. By helping the younger generations, Arrow UK aims to fill the skills gap and fuel future innovation.

As well as providing employment opportunities, individuals have the opportunity to gain a qualification and an increased understanding of and experience in a technology and business environment. The learning approach and qualifications are completely flexible and aim to provide Arrow apprentices, graduates, and interns with both real life experience and business and IT skills.

For more information – or to apply for an apprenticeship, internship or graduate placement – please go to:

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