February 05, 2015. Business Marketing Author: Denise Bryant

How to Build a Winning Digital Strategy – look in the mirror

One of the key challenges for businesses looking to exploit the huge opportunity that digital platforms provide us with today is how to link social media campaigns to sales.

Last month I had the pleasure of hosting a seminar for our cloud services providers designed to show how they could not only market their business better but also, how they can use digital marketing to win new business. I was delighted to introduce three successful social media and digital experts: Tony Berlingeri, Senior Director of Systems Field Engagement at Oracle; Simon Porter, Vice President of Mid Market Sales at IBM and Daniel Thomas, Founder of Comparethecloud.com.

We discussed how cloud service providers can take advantage of the tools available on the market right now (social media, data analytics and SEO engines) to help them build a digital strategy that will put them on top in this digital age.

For those who missed the seminar, here are just three of the key takeaways from our spokespeople:


Tony Berlingeri: “Crawl, walk, run.”

In his presentation, Tony made the point that in order to maximise your digital strategy it is vital you understand the journey your business has taken to get to where it is now. Tony encouraged the cloud service providers at the event, to reflect on the evolution of cloud, from a private or public model to a hybrid one and to consider how their business has changed as a result. He suggested that only by understanding your industry and knowing where your business fits on the spectrum, are you then able to position yourself as a leader in your part of the field.


Simon Porter: “Use social media to boost your competitiveness in your market.”

An interesting point that Simon made in his presentation was that you can use social media not only to build brand awareness, but to give your company a competitive edge. By engaging with customers, sharing appropriate and relatable content, you are positioning yourself as a leader and expert in your field, publicly, and to a wide audience.


Daniel Thomas: “Social listening is vital for boosting your brand on Twitter.”

Daniel explained that social listening is the process of monitoring digital media channels to help you to devise a better social strategy. By searching for your own brand on social media, you are not only able to see what your customers are saying about you, allowing you to react immediately, but it also gives you the chance to engage with your audience and build a rapport with them.


At Arrow, we know how important social media is to a business as some 60 percent of B2B decision makers are now using social media to stay informed and help them with their buying decisions. By being responsive, understanding your industry and listening to what your audience is saying, you have all the tools you need to target the right people and provide your business with an impactful digital presence. This will in turn, lead to new business opportunities and more sales.


As sales and marketing guru Neil Rackham said, “Marketing is the new Sales, and Sales is the new Marketing.” This has never been more true, so perhaps its time to take a look in the mirror as the first step in building your winning digital strategy?

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