July 13, 2015. Technical Cloud Author: James Hankins

Is connectivity the key to unlocking Cloud’s full potential?

As someone who has worked in the cloud market for a few years now, I have seen the adoption of cloud within businesses ramp up significantly. DR (disaster recovery) and BC (business continuity) still seem to be the first logical steps for moving to the cloud, however more and more businesses are now looking at moving part of their IT environment to a public cloud and in turn creating their own hybrid cloud.

I personally believe that the hybrid cloud model is currently the best model for the majority of all sized businesses. Not only can end users benefit from the hybrid cloud so can Managed Service Providers (MSPs). In my role as MSP Technical Account Manager at Arrow I am currently working on hybrid cloud projects with some of Arrow’s MSPs.  In fact, MSPs in many ways can benefit more from deploying a hybrid cloud. These benefits include increasing their global footprint, improving their responsiveness, contingency cost savings and the ability to burst into the public cloud for peak usage and DR.

However, this move means that businesses are now passing internal data across the public internet. This can be seen as a risk. Whilst there are plenty of technologies out there to cover security by encrypting the data, once it hits the public internet no one knows what route that data will take to get from point A to point B. The fact is that the public internet has unpredictable workloads which can cause erroneous results.

This can mean that all of a sudden business critical applications and services are competing with employee’s Facebook and YouTube requests. Obviously there are Web filtering/caching solutions out there to help alleviate this but for most companies, the solution is to just get a bigger pipe to the internet.

There is another way! Businesses can implement a direct connection to their public cloud. This will mean that organisations will be able to ensure the route their data takes is the same every time. This means workloads will think and behave like they were all in the same location.


In summary, by avoiding the public internet to access your hybrid cloud businesses will see the following benefits:

·         Guaranteed application performance, end to end

·         Extended SLA from the cloud to their premise

·         Secure connections –  private connection is invisible to the public Internet

·         No congestion – guaranteed throughput, dedicated to you

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