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A Day in the Life of an Arrow Apprentice: Progressing my marketing career through an apprenticeship

Having recently achieved a Distinction CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing, 22 year-old Louise Lenton-Bradley is taking career progression in her stride at Arrow UK. Since joining Arrow as an apprentice in 2012 and achieving a Level 3 NVQ in Marketing, Louise is becoming a promising Marketing professional. 

In the latest blog in the Arrow Talent series, Louise shares her experience as an apprentice, the highlight of her role so far, and her advice for school leavers.


Why did you choose to join Arrow’s apprenticeship scheme?

After deciding early on that I wanted to dive straight into full-time work, I looked into apprenticeships with the support of a career advisor. I quickly developed an interest in Arrow after discovering its apprenticeship schemes at a job fair. After deciding early on that I wanted to dive straight into full-time work, I looked into apprenticeships with the support of a career advisor. The marketing apprenticeship Arrow offered provided me with the best of both worlds - I was able to earn a wage, develop my career, and gain a certified marketing qualification


What does your typical day involve for you at Arrow? 

I work closely with and assist the Marketing Managers in co-ordinating events, seminars, conferences and exhibitions, which could include producing sales collateral and branded merchandise, as well as using social media and digital marketing to advertise upcoming events. I am also involved in vendor marketing, working with peers to execute marketing activity, and develop marketing plans in line with allocated budgets. Gaining an A-Level in Media Studies has helped my role by providing me with a solid background of how the media operates and encouraged an interest in marketing and advertising. 


What do you enjoy most in your role? 

During the run up to The Hub launch, I received training on the Umbraco CMS (Content Management System), an area which was really interesting to learn about and included the use of code. I enjoy creating The Hub issues to share with our channel organisations and also using social media to share snippets of information. 


What’s been your personal highlight during your time at Arrow?

A personal highlight of mine would have to be my involvement in organising a full hospitality weekend for some of Arrow’s key customers in support of the Tour de France visiting Yorkshire in 2014. The weekend included an amazing display by the RAF Red Arrows and an appearance from members of the Royal Family.

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Now that you have completed your CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing with a distinction, do you have any further aspirations to continue studying? 

The training in Umbraco CMS has really inspired me to learn more about HTML code, so I might look into courses that offer that.  I think it will be a really useful skill to have in a marketing career as more and more roles seem to incorporate it. 


Do you have any advice for school leavers thinking about joining the Arrow apprenticeship scheme? 

I would highly recommend the Arrow apprenticeship to anyone considering a career within the B2B IT sector. All Arrow apprentices have a dedicated tutor and mentor who provide knowledge and support surrounding the company which enables apprentices to apply a theory to their assignments. 


Have you got any advice for school, college or university leavers on how to get their career started? 

I think it’s really important to develop a comprehensive CV and LinkedIn profile that will help you to stand out from other candidates also wishing to begin their career after completing their studies. Visiting a jobs fair was also really beneficial and helped me explore the apprenticeships on offer. It’s also a good idea, before applying for any job, to carry out research into the company you wish to work for to ensure that you understand the business.


What are your passions and interests outside of work? 

After work I enjoy evening exercise classes at my local gym and have recently developed an interest in hula hooping! 


And finally, as you work in marketing, is there a recent marketing, advertising or PR campaign, brand or slogan that you particularly liked and why? 

The ‘Nescafe Instant Connections Campaign’ recently caught my attention. It shows people being brought together and connected through their love of coffee. Nescafe installed coffee dispensing machines on opposite sides of the street and these machines were fitted with webcams and designed so that when the button on each machine was pressed at the same time it would dispense a free coffee! It brought commuters together creating ‘instant connections’. I was really drawn into the campaign as I felt the key focus was about human interaction.

Arrow Talent 

The Arrow Talent scheme consists of apprenticeships, graduate placements and will soon offer internships. The scheme has been designed to make the technology and business sectors more approachable to young people. By helping the younger generations, Arrow UK aims to fill the skills gaps and fuel future innovation. 

As well as providing employment opportunities, individuals have the chance to gain a qualification and an increased understanding of and experience in a technology and business environment. The learning approach and qualifications are completely flexible and aim to provide Arrow apprentices, graduates, and interns with both real life experience and business and IT skills.

For more information – or to apply for an apprenticeship, internship or graduate placement – please go to: The Hub 

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