April 28, 2016. Business Mobility Podcasts Author: David Fearne, Richard Holmes

Arrow Bandwidth Episode 5 - SDWP 101: An Introduction

Welcome to Arrow Bandwidth, the podcast from Arrow ECS to help the channel better understand the trends, technologies and concepts facing the IT industry today. #ArrowBandwidth


This week our hosts David Fearne, Arrow’s Technical Director, and Rich Holmes, Arrow’s IBM Solutions Leader, have invited special guests Vince Payne and Paul Vaughan from Arrow to sit down and talk about the Software-Defined Workplace. 


How can businesses who operate in the knowledge economy maintain their differentiation – especially if that differentiation is vested in their people? Is technology the answer? 


Get ready for a truly inspiring episode as Paul Vaughan takes our hosts on a journey of what’s possible with SDWP and enlightens us all on the future of the workplace. 


Enjoy listening! 


David Fearne, Arrow Bandwidth


If you have a topic you’d like to hear David and Rich talk about, please let us know over on @ArrowECS_TheHub


Host: David Fearne, Arrow Technical Director, @davidfearne 


Host: Richard Holmes, Arrow IBM Solutions Leader, @rich_arrowECS


Special Guests: 


Vince Payne, Arrow Lead Solutions Architect


Paul Vaughan, Arrow Workforce Transformation Lead, UK & EMEA




Useful Reading


Software-Defined Workplace




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