April 26, 2016. Business Cloud Author: Scott Murphy

Taking the SMART route to the Cloud

It doesn’t seem very long ago that the whole concept of ‘Cloud Computing’ was still a bit intangible, but according to leading analysts including Forrester IDC and Gartner, the market for Cloud reached mainstream in 2015, and by the end of 2016 70% of organisations will have embraced a ‘cloud first’ strategy.  

The adoption of Cloud Services enables businesses of all sizes to allocate their IT budgets more strategically – lowering IT costs, reducing the time to provision IT services and increasing the ability to meet SLAs. Not only are the benefits and returns on investment instantaneous, but they accelerate as organisations move from using Cloud in an ad-hoc way to an optimised approach. If you’re an IT solution partner, this means it’s no longer something you can afford to ignore. The likelihood is that your customers will simply look elsewhere to help them secure their future IT strategy.

Click on the image below to view our infographic that explores the growing cloud opportunity.

Arrow Cloud Services, Cloud Services

The good news is that Arrow has stayed well ahead of the curve when it comes to Cloud – bringing continued knowledge and innovation to our partners worldwide. Arrow's Cloud Enablement (ACE) Programme is already helping a growing number of partners to build a profitable and sustainable cloud services business - eliminating the cost and complexity from cloud service development and delivery.   

End users are demanding increasingly complex, cloud-based solutions to help solve their business needs, rather than focusing on vendor-specific technologies. Arrow has developed a cloud-focused SMARTcentre aimed at helping to guide our channel partners and their customers in making the right strategic decisions about their future IT investments. With Arrow you can leverage the strength of our multi-vendor partnerships and depth of in-house expertise to create an environment in which your customers can see and experience compelling business solutions first-hand – enabling them to touch, feel and understand the benefits that Cloud can deliver in the real world.   

Arrow Cloud, SMARTcentre, Arrow Cloud Enablement Programme


Whether your customers are interested in accessing cloud-based infrastructure to complement their existing on-premise solutions, exploring cloud security solutions or accessing analytics to enable Business Intelligence (BI), working with Arrow to access our SMARTcentre gives you and your customers a clear route to the Cloud. As an Arrow partner, you can confidently sell cloud solutions without major investment by drawing on our skillsets, experience and resources to support every opportunity.


To find out more about our Cloud SMARTcentre, please contact the Arrow Cloud team at Arrowsphere.ecs.uk@arrow.com, or call us on 0800 983 2525.

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