August 02, 2016. Business Author: Madeleine Deaton

Investing in the future - Apprenticeships with Arrow Talent

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular in the UK, but for Arrow they are a fundamental part of how we grow talent in the UK and have been since 2012. Our apprentices are at the core of our strategy for the future, the apprentices we take on today will become our future supervisors, managers and leaders and we make sure to invest in their future. 

Who are we?

We are Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions, part of the worldwide group Arrow Electronics. We have 18,500 employees throughout 85 countries and have been named in Fortune magazine's "World's most admired companies" for the 16th consecutive year!

What do we do?

At Arrow ECS we deliver end-to-end IT Solutions. When you hear about IT Security, data being stored in the Cloud, massive server farms and how people manage the crazy amounts of data we now produce – we deliver the technology behind those solutions with our huge technology portfolio. 

Why Arrow?

Since 2012 we’ve taken on 21 apprentices into Marketing, Sales, HR, Training, Customer Service and IT. 100% of those apprentices have gone into full time jobs with Arrow having finished their apprenticeships. 50% of them have gone on to study further, from advanced NVQs to degrees and even post-graduate studies. 


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Do you want the chance to gain actual work experience and formal qualifications – all while being paid to do so? Arrow might be the place for you. To find out more about being an apprentice at Arrow, visit the Arrow Talent website. Or listen to our Learning and Development Manager, Dawn Gregory, being interviewed on Stray FM about Arrow Talent. 


If you want to know what it’s really like being an apprentice at Arrow, check out these interviews with Jake Wallace and Louise Lenton-Bradley. Jake talks through what it’s like as an apprentice today and Louise has completed her apprenticeship and gone on to develop a great career at Arrow. 

We are currently recruiting for our 2016 apprenticeships and have positions available in IT, Operations, Sales and Administration. To view full details, please visit the Vacancies page of Arrow Talent.

If you have any questions about the Arrow Talent programme, please contact Adam Parry from our HR team at 



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