July 19, 2016. Business Cloud Author: Scott Murphy

Are your customers ready for cloud infrastructure?

According to Gartner, the cloud services industry is growing more than five times faster than other IT sector. Organisations are choosing to move away from traditional IT infrastructure because of the high capital and management costs, choosing instead to make greater use of public and hybrid cloud by purchasing ‘infrastructure as a service’ (IaaS).

The massive shift in spend highlights the growing need for Arrow partners to offer a cloud alternative to their installed base customers. So what are the biggest IaaS opportunities that you should be capitalising on today?

Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS, devices

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

We’ve all been aware of the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for some time now – delivering centralised control and security of desktop and data for customers with distributed users. However, with capital expenses high, budget has always proved an issue for the majority. DaaS delivers VDI through the Cloud to eliminate the need for major investment in IT infrastructure. DaaS also means that users can work from anywhere at any time, rather than needing to connect to the local network, as with VDI. This is an ideal solution for customers that are considering a BYOD initiative, as all data interaction is done on the remote, secured cloud infrastructure – not on the users’ devices – meaning that security concerns are no longer an issue.

With a growing percentage of servers now living in the Cloud, desktops are sure to follow – meaning there’s a huge market for DaaS. Typically suited to SMBs and organisations with a large number of remote users, DaaS provides the level of flexibility and scalability that these businesses demand. A recent survey by Citrix revealed that 70% of their DaaS customers had less than 100 users, although a growing number of larger companies are now also recognising the benefits. 71% of the respondents anticipate increased revenue from DaaS over the next 12 months, with 17% predicting more than 50% growth.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Cloud disaster recovery and backup options are becoming increasingly popular, with many organisations recognising that they can offer a higher level of protection at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

Cloud-based DRaaS can be a particularly attractive proposition for budget-conscious and resource-constrained SMBs – enabling them to employ DR options that were previously only found in larger enterprises. However, any organisation considering a move to DRaaS is bound to have questions and concerns, with ‘Security’ usually topping the agenda. Your customers will want to be certain that:

  • Their data will be encrypted, transferred and stored in the Cloud securely
  • User access is properly managed, with multi-factor authentication
  • Their Cloud Service Provider (CSP) meets regulatory and any specific data governance / compliance requirements

They will also need to consider bandwidth requirements before moving their data into the Cloud – ensuring that they will be able to access it effectively, should the need arise. Do they have the network capacity and bandwidth available to re-direct all users to the Cloud? And if they plan to restore from the Cloud to on-premise infrastructure, how long will this process take?

Don’t be afraid to ask the question

The latest research from Microsoft and IDC has highlighted just how critical cloud is to revenue growth for IT solution providers today. Microsoft’s cloud-focused partners are growing at double the rate of non-cloud resellers, and enjoy one and a half times more gross profit.

Working with Arrow, our reseller, service provider and ISV partners are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the long term business opportunities and recurring revenue streams that becoming a complete cloud solution provider provides. We’ve recently joined the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program to deliver our value-add services into the channel and help our partners expand their hybrid cloud sales opportunities.

So, don’t be afraid to ask the question and start the conversation about cloud with your customers. We’re here to support you all the way – from identifying opportunities to closing the deals. Find out more about the Arrow Cloud Enablement Programme and how your business can benefit, or click here for information on attending our Cloud Leadership Forum on 1st November.

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