July 05, 2016. Business Cloud Author: David Nolan

Cloud Storage in the Microsoft Cloud

But why?

I myself have been working in the Cloud market for a few years now and it is an area that’s rapidly changing. I work in a pre-sales technical role as a Cloud Architect and work with our partners to help them design solutions for their end user needs.

I meet people all over the UK who are keen to learn more about the Cloud and an area that always comes up in conversation is cloud storage and backup in general. As you can imagine, there are a range of concerns people have that need to be addressed. Examples are “where is my data?”, “How do I get my data back?” and “How secure is my data?”

Let’s keep it simple

Microsoft has a unique approach when it comes to cloud storage designed to alleviate all of these concerns and to enable an organisation to implement, scale and integrate cloud storage into their IT. They call it “Azure StorSimple” and the idea is you have an appliance deployed on your existing premises with the ability to tap into Azure for additional storage. Cloud storage is great for off-site backup but can present a challenge when it comes to recovery times. Microsoft has therefore launched this service as a hybrid play and here are some of the impressive capabilities on offer;

  • Tiering – you can tier your storage from solid state disk over to normal spinning disk and then to the Cloud. This can improve performance, reduce the cost of expensive SSD disk and increase overall efficiencies on your storage.
  • Local volumes – StorSimple allows you to create local volumes so you can define what stays on your appliance and what moves to the Cloud.
  • Cloud snapshot – you can take volume snapshots and move them to the cloud. This can support disaster recovery or test & development scenarios.
  • Data deduplication – you can deduplicate your data in-line to reduce your storage utilisation.
  • StorSimple is just one great solution of an available 50 services in Microsoft Azure.

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