June 02, 2016. Business Data Intelligence Podcasts Author: David Fearne, Richard Holmes

Arrow Bandwidth Episode 10 – Big Data in Action with KnowNow

David and Rich are joined by a very special guest this week. Chris Cooper, Founder Director, of KnowNow and the man you want to talk to when you’re discussing the real world outcomes of Big Data. Chris joined our hosts straight from a meeting at Downing Street, where he meets the famous cat (pictured below). An insightful and thought provoking podcast, we promise you’ll say “ooh that’s cool” at least once in the next 30 minutes. 

If you’d like to know more about know now you can find their website here, their twitter here or talk to Chris directly on twitter here

Enjoy listening! 

If you have any questions or topics you’d like to hear David and Rich talk about, please let us know over on @ArrowECS_TheHub 


David Fearne, Arrow Technical Director @davidfearne 

Richard Holmes, IBM Solutions Leader @rich_arrowECS


Chris Cooper, Founder and Director of KnowNow @knownowinfo and @MobilityCooper

#BigData #IoT #loveyourdata


Articles mentioned and further reading:  

Predicting weather-related emergency blackspots

Flood Event Model


Downing Street Cat, Arrow Bandwidth 

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