June 30, 2016. Business Mobility Podcasts Author: David Fearne, Richard Holmes

Arrow Bandwidth Episode 14 | The Digital Classroom and beyond – Software-Defined Work Place, an Education special with LearnMaker

Welcome to Arrow Bandwidth, the podcast from Arrow ECS to help the channel better understand the trends, technologies and concepts facing the IT industry today. #ArrowBandwidth 

David and Rich turn their attention to the Software-Defined Work Place this week and focus on the reality of education and the digital classroom. They are joined by a special guest from LearnMaker, James Hannam as well as Arrow’s resident expert Paul Vaughan. James, teacher turned owner of Learnmaker, provides an inspiring outlook which left our hosts, and hopefully you, thinking differently about the possibilities in the world of education. An insightful and thought provoking podcast, we promise you’ll say “awesome!” at least once in the next 45 minutes. 

Paul Vaughan, James Hannam, Arrow Bandwidth

If you’d like to know more about LearnMaker you can visit their website or talk to James directly on twitter or by email

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Enjoy listening! 


David Fearne, Arrow Technical Director @davidfearne

Richard Holmes, Arrow’s IBM Solutions Leader @rich_arrowECS


Paul Vaughan, Arrow Workforce Transformation Lead 

James Hannam, Director of LearnMaker @thelearnmaker 

David Fearne, Richard Holmes, Paul Vaughan, Arrow Bandwidth

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A Learnmaker podcast - These Aren't The Apps You're Looking For

LearnMaker Blog 

 LearnMaker, Arrow Bandwidth

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