October 13, 2016. Business NextGen Data Centre Podcasts Author: David Fearne

Arrow Bandwidth S2, Episode 6 | Canalys 2016 – an interview with Steve Brazier

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Canalys, Keynote

S2, Episode 6 | Canalys 2016 – an interview with Steve Brazier

This week Arrow Bandwidth goes on the road! We join David Fearne at the airport as he's about to fly off to Barcelona for 3 days of Canalys Channel Forum. As well as giving his thoughts, David sits down with Canalys President and CEO Steve Brazier to talk the future of the channel, trends for 2017 and being #DigitalFirst plus the impact of GDPR.

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David Fearne, Arrow Technical Director @davidfearne


Steve Brazier, President and CEO, Canalys @steve_brazier 

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