October 26, 2016. Business Cloud Author: James Lowe

Business Transformation with Cloud

Organisations are undergoing a journey through digital transformation that will transform the services they offer to their customers. Moving to cloud accelerates this transformation and opens new exciting possibilities to recraft the way they operate. 

But then how do organisations build, manage and secure their operations in the cloud? 

Many businesses begin by moving tactical workloads into the cloud but often limit themselves with cloud infrastructure that isn’t open (potentially locking their data into one vendor) or is truly inflexible, unable to dynamically react to demands as business needs change. 

Once they have established their cloud infrastructure, they are diving into the API economy to provide services—and the services of their partners—when and where customers want them. They are connecting existing enterprise applications, data and services to create new channels of personalised customer engagement and compelling customer experiences. 

APIs make it quick and cost-effective to create the interfaces between back-end systems and front-end applications so new digital services can get to market sooner, and organisations can rapidly open new revenue channels and expand market reach. And extending their systems into the cloud, creating new functionality and mobile apps needs a high productivity open development platform in the cloud with DevOps that gives them access to a library of functions and new capabilities such as analytics and cognitive. Increasingly, storage of unstructured data as objects is increasingly important (as is analytics based on such data).

Build Manage and Secure your cloud and that of your customers. Come and talk to the team from IBM at the Arrow ECS ‘Evolution of Cloud’ event on 1st November to learn more about IBM Cloud and becoming a partner with IBM.  

James Lowe is the UK&I Cloud Leader for IBM

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