April 07, 2017. Business Cloud Author: Scott Murphy

4 facts that show Microsoft Azure is the best platform for ISVs

Cloud-computing is expanding the reach and opportunities for ISVs all over the world, and it’s now a case of choosing the right platform to give you the greatest chance of success. But how easy is it to know which cloud platform is right for your business?

In our previous blogs we’ve identified what makes a good cloud platform for ISVs and why flexibility in a cloud platform is important for app developers.

To help you make up your mind further about which platform is right for you, we’ve used the results from a study conducted by Forrester Consulting1 to uncover 4 facts that support the case for Microsoft Azure.

466% Return on Investment

This is the big one and it needs very little explanation. Can you really say no to a cloud platform that offers you close to 500% ROI?


80% IT support time saved

Your IT team may well be under the cosh, supporting lots of departments and spreading themselves thinly across the business.

By harnessing the power and flexibility of Azure you can help save them up 80% of their time, releasing a valuable resource to offer more proactive services to help the business grow.

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50% faster time to market

The longer your app is in development, the longer it is before you can monetise it.

Conceiving, building and running your apps on Microsoft Azure can cut your development and testing time in half, so you can start making revenue much sooner.


90% of Fortune 500 organisations use Microsoft cloud

If you can judge the quality of a service by the people who use it, Microsoft Azure certainly provides one of the best cloud platforms on the market – with over 90% of the 500 biggest organisations in the world currently on Azure.

If those facts haven’t convinced you that Microsoft Azure is the perfect choice, click here read our free guide and learn more about unlocking the power of the cloud.


1. The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure PaaS - Forrester

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