April 25, 2017. Business NextGen Data Centre Author: Mark Russell

Dell EMC, Arrow brings it all together

In this latest blog from the Dell EMC team at Arrow, Mark Russell (Business Sector Manager) explores the key opportunities that have opened up for partners, following the recent merger.

The merger between Dell and EMC has created a ‘one stop shop’ for the kind of strategic, digital transformation projects that are high on the agenda for your customers right now. From Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure through to big data, virtualisation and cloud - combining EMC’s capabilities with the strength of Dell drives a whole host of new opportunities.

Arrow has an exceptionally strong history of working with EMC, but given our new status as a Global Distribution Partner for Dell EMC, our existing partners now have access to a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end enterprise solutions - extending and enhancing the storage solutions you deliver, through complementary server and networking technologies. Legacy Dell partners who will have previously been restricted in the storage space, can now use EMC’s capabilities to scale upwards into large enterprise and high availability opportunities, leveraging hyper-converged and data protection solutions to meet the latest customer demands. It’s this broader focus, selling fully integrated solutions that include servers, storage and networking that will drive the biggest and best opportunities for partners moving forward.

How does this help you address your customers’ priorities?

A recently published ESG White Paper explored the spending priorities for enterprise data centre modernisation in 2017, so we thought it would be useful to map these priorities against the new strength of Dell EMC’s portfolio:

Data Center Mpdernization Spending Priorities

Increasing use of server virtualisation

Those partners that have previously focused purely on storage solutions now have a great opportunity to revisit those customers with a unified portfolio of server and networking technologies – providing an ideal platform for virtualisation initiatives, through Dell EMC’s converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. Leading the way is the VxRail appliance, which was developed by EMC and enhanced by Dell, to provide the optimum platform for VMware.

Improving data backup and recovery

Another significant opportunity for Dell EMC partners comes through the power of Data Domain – enabling you to transform your customers’ data backup, archive and disaster recovery - scaling all the way up from SME to enterprise environments.

Data centre consolidation

All Dell EMC partners now have an ideal opportunity to revisit installed base customers and ask the ‘what else?’ question. The merger gives legacy EMC partners the perfect opportunity to revisit their storage customers with a consolidation message – bringing servers and networking solutions into the mix. Likewise, legacy Dell partners can bring EMC’s enterprise storage solutions to the fore, opening up a whole new host of opportunities around all-flash and data protection.

Disk drive

Increasing use of solid state / flash storage technology

Dell EMC is uniquely positioned to help fuel digital transformation initiatives, with the broadest all-flash portfolio on the market, comprising VMAX, XtremIO and Unity. Holding 2x the market share of the closes all-flash array vendor, Dell EMC is the undisputed market leader – giving you a significant competitive advantage.

Deploying Converged / Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Dell EMC’s converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions have been designed to help streamline IT operations, cut costs and keep pace with the demand for a 24x7, secure business environment. Work with Arrow to build on the power of next-generation solutions such as the VxRail appliance, which was developed by EMC and enhanced by Dell, to provide the optimum platform for VMware.


Building a Cloud strategy

Helping you work with your customers to build a strong business case for adopting a flexible, hybrid cloud approach to their future IT requirements, the Arrow Dell EMC team provides the expertise and insight you need to maximise opportunities around key solutions such as VirtuStream, VxRail and Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. We can also help you to consider and deliver different deployment options - either on-premise, through managed services as cloud offerings, or taking a hybrid approach with a mixture of the two.


Arrow has particular strength and depth across all of these key solution areas, enabling you to draw on our expertise and experience to build out tightly integrated, next-generation solutions, which are key enablers for digital transformation initiatives such as big data, Platform as-a-Service (PaaS) and cloud. Our business development team and specialist consultants can help you to clearly illustrate the business value in every scenario – leveraging the strength of Dell EMC’s extended portfolio and supporting through our value add services.

Make sure you listen to the recent podcast from the Arrow Dell EMC team, to find out more about how we’re working with partners – new and old.

My Name is Mark Russell, I am the Business Sector Manager for the Dell EMC Silo within Arrow and I’m committed to ensure that we help partners both new and existing, to achieve business growth through increased revenue with Dell EMC.

Contact me at mark.russell@arrow.com

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