August 01, 2017. Business Cloud Author: Nathan Stewart

What’s the big picture on cloud?

The view from Arrow 

At Arrow, we’re ideally placed to observe what’s happening in the UK cloud landscape. From our vantage point as a leading cloud enabler, we have an overview of how buying patterns are evolving and how innovation by our technology partners is driving change.


Three stand-out trends are currently emerging…

  • Hybrid is the norm. On-premise and cloud solutions are coexisting in harmony. Organisations can mix and match, choosing the right model for different parts of their business or use the cloud to cost-effectively duplicate on-premise processes. 

Backup is a typical example of this, with backing up to the cloud providing a cheap failsafe and adding an extra level of resilience to on-site storage.


  • Greater agility is a key driver. As their competitive edge becomes thinner, organisations are deploying cloud to give their users flexible access to more resources. Need more storage, processing power or memory? Just ask! No frustrating wait or lost opportunities while more infrastructure is procured and installed. 

For any business of a seasonal or cyclical nature, it’s a no-brainer.  


  • Even conservative sectors are adopting cloud. As cloud begins to mature, customers are looking around them and realising the advantages of converting capex into opex. Growing familiarity with mass market cloud-based apps at work (Dropbox, GoToMeeting, LinkedIn…) and in their personal lives (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…) is also an influencing factor. 

As a result, even the most sceptical are transitioning at least some of their infrastructure into the cloud.

Cloud Computing Concept

Are you reinventing the wheel on cloud?

With cloud becoming so widely accepted, the opportunities for channel partners who understand and anticipate customers’ needs are almost infinite. Gartner reckons that more than $1 trillion in IT spend will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud by 2020.

The Arrow Cloud Team can help you get started with consultancy, design services, advanced solutions and technical support. If you're already into cloud, we can help you to optimise and run your business more efficiently, with ready-to-go platforms, solutions and services. 

As just one example, our cloud assessment provides a tried and tested framework for holding productive sales discussions and accelerating customers’ purchasing decisions.

Working through some questions results in an executive report covering factors such as analysis of security risks and total cost of ownership. Think how useful that could be in persuading your customers to adopt cloud!


So, why leave money on the table, when Arrow can help you to sweep it up?

Our brand new website brings together in one easily accessible place the Arrow global vision for cloud, and introduces the resources and platforms that can help you build a better cloud business.

It’s all about lowering your risk while increasing your sales, revenues and margins. That’s why it’s well worth taking a look at today.

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