February 21, 2017. Business NextGen Data Centre Author: Mark Russell

Dell EMC - Come and Join Us on the Journey

On the 12th October 2015, Dell announced that it would acquire EMC, a Vendor that Arrow in the UK had shared significant success with during our trading relationship.

Almost 17 months later and I’m delighted to be able to confirm details around what the largest IT merger in history actually means to Arrow, specifically in the UK&I. It means opportunity, and lots of it!

For Arrow, our partners and ultimately, the end customer who invests in the story and the technology.

I hope that with the vast portfolio, combined resources, R&D and talent of both entities, it will go a long way to help our partners take their customers onwards to and become the solution to their business challenges.

It has been a long journey and rest assured, we’ve had to prove our worth to Dell EMC as they worked through the merger. All of the hard work has paid off, due to our skills and experience Arrow has been selected as one of the few “Global Distribution” partners to carry on doing what we do best – providing our partners with value based enterprise solutions.

This includes,

  • Historical EMC Enterprise Portfolio
  • Servers
  • Network
  • “Dell Enterprise” Storage Solutions –including Equalogic and Compellent

Dell EMC

Why Arrow?

The opportunity is huge and we have acknowledged this by starting as we mean to go on. The management team at Arrow is fully committed to the development of the Dell EMC business and that starts with growing and investing in the product and solution experts we have. My team has grown and we haven’t stopped there. I will continually assess the resource and proactively ensure that our customers receive the service they require and deserve.

We have created enablement programmes which will give our partners the knowledge around the portfolio and we will be onsite with partners frequently to deliver on this. We will grow the channel base by profiling, recruiting, enabling and trading with new partners that want to join us on the journey.

This is a massive year for Dell EMC, but I also see it as a personal challenge to ensure that it is an equally massive year for both Arrow ECS and our partners.

We have the tools, appetite and team to succeed so please get in touch and allow us to share with you our vision that won’t disappoint.

My Name is Mark Russell, I am the Business Sector Manager for the Dell EMC Silo within Arrow ECS and I’m committed to ensure that we help partners – new and existing - to achieve their goals of business growth through increased Dell EMC revenues.

Contact me at mark.russell@arrow.com

Dell EMC team Bandwidth takeover!

Bandwidth is back for Season 3 and the 1st episode is a takeover from the Arrow Dell EMC team.

If you want to know how to partner with us, make sure to give it a listen.

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