February 14, 2017. Marketing Author: Sophie Jackson

Top Trends in Corporate Events

Have you got event brain drain?

With the channel being consistently saturated with events, providing something unique so your clients take time out of their day to attend has become increasingly more difficult. 

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the event industry is to self-educate and to always be on trend. Staying informed on what clients are interested in and keeping up to date with the current industry trends and up-and-coming ideas will keep you five years out.

Live streaming


This trend began last year and is slowly becoming one of the most popular new tools to use on event days. Facebook Live is not only receiving a lot of notoriety because it’s the largest social media platform in the world, but because it is an easy to use tool and allows you to engage with your audience in a matter of seconds. With the ability to shoot from your smartphone, you can broadcast for an hour and a half which means you can get plenty of coverage of your event. A good way to potentially gain additional coverage via your clients who are attending the event is to perhaps create points of interest or interactive parts in which you encourage them to share live!

Virtual Activities

When Pokémon-Go hit the world I don’t think we were quite ready for how big it was going to be, it caused servers to crash with all of the excitement surrounding the app. Virtual reality is set to be the next big thing, not only in events but in marketing. It adds an extra dimension to an event, allowing guests to engage at that extra level with a product, or perhaps even a video of a keynote speaker that has already been pre-recorded. This will allow the audience to travel somewhere completely different and experience the speech in another environment to keep engagement levels high.

Virtual reality

Softer Side of Corporate Events

Emotional intelligence continues to grow in the corporate environment and that will hold true of events as well. Subjects such as mindfulness and consensus management will continue to be hot topics. Use these focuses to increase offerings in other areas, like creating sensory lounges or pods when holding large exhibitions. This way attendees can enjoy some down time without retreating to their hotel rooms.

Letting Attendees take Control

Another way to use personalisation is to allow attendees greater access to customising their event experience through personalised agendas (that they can shape on their own). This could be potentially built so that once they register they are sent a floor plan of the different exhibitors, then they can choose who they want to see on the day. Once selected this would then draw a route on screen for them of which is the best route to take. 

Event pod

Automated networking suggestions based on past activity and interests, and auto-scheduling suggestions to help them make the most of their event experience; again based on the prior floor plan idea for exhibitors. Some of this is available through current event technology. Software is always changing and developing and there may eventually be a way to take some of the burden off you and allow for attendees to do more self-service.


Events today need  to offer an increased user experience so that your attendees are not just another participant or a stat on your reporting; they need to feel as though they are interacting with the event and other guests.


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