July 25, 2017. Business Marketing Author: Sophie Jackson

2017 Event Technologies and Design

Event Design

Event design is becoming a crucial part of planning an event nowadays.

Event design is changing drastically in 2017 and into 2018, allowing event planners to add aspects that will bring participants “into the moment” and to help create “immersive” events.

The good news is that events can do this very effectively when they are well designed.

In a world that is saturated by the terms “experiential” and “innovation” how do these words convert into action? What does it actually look like?

Back in 2016, the Big Imagination Foundation began works on a project involving a Boeing 747.

This saw a vast team of people gut out the plane to transform it into an events space, which would house breakout areas and a first class lounge that would enable thought leaders to hold talks.

Before passing through the “Insecurity Checkpoint” and boarding the project, passengers were asked to create an “emotional baggage tag” by writing down an answer to the question “What baggage to you need to lose?”.

Being able to bring real life experiences to your event, whatever the size, will ensure that you really do stand out from the crowd.

When you have a very clear picture of the event design you need, you will be making quick decisions on what setting is required to stage that experience.

A stadium, conference centre, hotel or event venue? Or something completely different that you build from scratch? With so many options, what environment and stage do you choose to establish that necessary trust?

In an everlasting quest for event organisers to create a more reliable experience, some are turning their brand propositions into turnkey solutions.

Take for example the new trend to be able to do exclusive events in a home-style venue such as Gee Street Penthouse, where you can immerse people completely; or meetings on the water where boats are chartered for a specific event.

Our experience economy is driving us towards creating event design sweet spots where your participants can be both passive and active at the same time.

Phone Event

Event Technologies

Mixed reality will become more of the norm. This is the intersection of virtual reality and live interaction.

Over the past couple of years Facebook has made substantial investments in the Oculus Rift and virtual integration; with this high level of global interest you can be certain that 2017/2018 will be the years when virtual reality meets events, creating a third dimension where people around the globe interact, blurring the lines of physical venues.

Mixed reality uses technology to break down barriers and creates new opportunities for events. Remote attendance will become the “in thing”.

We can experience the speaker at a conference looking at us, or we can interact with the attendee sitting next us in a third dimension.

Artificial Intelligence, mostly in the form of chatbots is on the rise. It is very early days for the event industry and some pioneering companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

The use for something like this within events is incredibly valuable. Event mobile apps are becoming stale and need a new approach to entice attendees to download them.

Take Alexa, Siri or Cortana for example. How easy would it be for people to speak to an artificial concierge at an event? “Concierge, when is the next talk” or “Concierge, where is the nearest available hot desk?”.

Something like this would revolutionise events and the way attendees navigate their way around.

The beauty of AI is that it solves actionable questions and does not overload us with irrelevant information. An artificial concierge service has the potential to change events for the better.


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