June 06, 2017. Business Author: Julie Gibbs

Twenty Years Out at Arrow!

Many years ago, a sales person once told me that you are unemployable after being with the same company for more than seven years. Well, what I will say to that is “bring it on!”

Never has the IT industry been so fast-paced.

I’ve certainly seen a lot over the past 20 years with the acceleration of new technologies, the many mergers and acquisitions of large tech organisations - sadly the loss of a few along the way - and the emergence of digital on a grand scale. Not one day has passed where it feels like it has been a groundhog day. 

Now here is a question for you all.

Who can say that they have had a recent conversation with their friends and family about the wonderful ways your employer is literally changing and helping lives?

Well I am proud to say that I have! Amazing projects like modifying a race car to be safely driven at speed using just the head movements and breath from a quadriplegic driver.

Transforming cargo containers into fully equipped classrooms and health clinics used across Africa. Engineering sensors that help dairy farmers better manage livestock health and optimise milk production, to name a few. 

Don't resist change

Added to these phenomenal projects, our ‘Make Arrow a Great Place to Work’ ethos and the investment in Arrow’s global talent have certainly had an influence on me, as well as the many opportunities given to me during my 20-year service.

These have spanned working for many influential leaders, gaining experience across a diverse portfolio of vendor technologies with an ever-changing customer landscape, collaborating on projects with intelligent colleagues globally and most importantly, managing a highly skilled and innovative marketing team across North West Europe.

My team is a true inspiration to me and always have so many exciting and new ideas – they certainly keep me on my toes and ensure that I keep ahead of the latest marketing techniques and principles!

During my 20 years at Arrow, all this experience has brought me the knowledge that you are never too old to learn something new, always ask questions no matter how daft you feel, stay relevant, anticipate what is next and embrace change.

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