March 21, 2017. Marketing NextGen Data Centre Author: Maria Collier

Differentiate yourself from the competition with Dell EMC Marketing from Arrow

It’s exciting times for the marketing team at Arrow! The merger of Dell EMC provides us with a fantastic opportunity to work with a number of new business partners. For the existing Dell partners out there, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide an outline of who we are, what we do, and the support available to you by working with the team.

Fist bump, teamwork

The Dell EMC business is supported and managed by a team of highly experienced marketing professionals which includes:

Frances Davies - Head of Marketing

Frances is the strategic marketing owner of the account. She develops programmes to expand market share and pursue our growth targets.

Maria Collier - Partner Marketing Manager

I am responsible for planning, coordinating, developing and executing on all of the partner driven activity, from pipeline creation through deal registrations and deals won.

Madeleine Deaton - Digital Marcomms Manager

Maddie is responsible for digital communications and providing the metrics and analytics to support future activity.

Sarah Jackson - Social Media Marketing Manager

Sarah keeps our partner community informed and up-to-date on Dell EMC news, promotions and announcements through our social channels.

Sophie Jackson - Marketing Assistant

Sophie supports the team on administration and event management.


As well as the marketing individuals managing the account, the Dell EMC business is supported by a vast array of Arrow ECS developed marketing platforms. These platforms allow us to extend the Dell EMC reach, grow your business and create integrated, multi-touch campaigns, that deliver results and have provided significant financial returns for our partners and Dell EMC.


Why Arrow?

In the last financial year we have overachieved on our return on investment targets and our partners have deal registrations worth 10x the marketing investment. This demonstrates that not only do we fully understand our own business and the Dell EMC business, but we’re also listening to our partners and tailoring our approach to their requirements; we recognise that not one size fits all.

This also pays homage to the quality of the leads that are being generated by the Arrow lead generation programmes. These programmes are run and managed through Arrow to deliver end user opportunities back to our partners, we’re directly able to help you to grow your Dell EMC business. I believe that the reason our marketing programmes are so successful is that 95% of what we do directly relates to demand generation.

We help drive partner run rate marketing through developing and implementing strategic campaigns and programmes that are built by Arrow. We don’t rely on the vendor to provide us with the tools to help you to take the Dell EMC message to market. Our Technical Account Manager, Jon Laycock, generates original content and materials, with a goal of helping you to influence buyer behaviour. We’ve done this very successfully through building out webinar programmes with our partners that are business issue driven and themed where possible to tie into industry lead predictions for growth and opportunities for future business development.

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We leverage our own data analytics and help our partners to report through an Arrow system known as the Sales Lead Portal (SLP). Every lead generated is uploaded into the system and it allows our partners to provide regular updates on the progress of their allocated leads. This information is cross-referenced against a sales out report every month, so we’re quickly able to identify won deals and report those back to you. So if you’re a marketing lead in your organisation, you can use this information to quickly and accurately report back into your business and your management team.

Our Marketing Services are vast - we can help you with profiling your accounts, your digital and social strategy, your online or demand generation activities. We can help you to make sure that your message, your uniqueness as a partner, is being seen and heard. For more information on our Marketing Services please visit the Hub.

If you’d like to get a taste of what we offer specifically on Dell EMC, please take a look out our Dell EMC Hub. It’s an Arrow communications platform built to keep you up to date on all things new from the channel.

Then there is the Arrow Dell EMC Million Dollar Club, a programme that allows Dell partners to simply and easily access the Dell EMC storage portfolio. If you’re a Dell partner, this allows you to fast track your way onto the EMC Business Partner Programme. Please talk to Lee Dunn, one of our Business Managers, for further information. 

I’m Maria Collier, the Dell EMC Partner Marketing Manager at Arrow ECS. I have 16 years of experience in my field and a proven track record of successfully helping partners to develop strong commercial relationships with technology partners. I’m here to support you through the Dell EMC integration to make sure you have all the right tools and information available to you, so that you can leverage all that is to offer with the launch of this exciting new partnership!

Please feel free to get in touch at

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