March 14, 2017. Business NextGen Data Centre Author: Ruairi McBride

NetApp plus Veeam - a winning partnership

NetApp and Veeam have recently announced a joint business special offer for EMEA, leveraging key aspects of each other’s portfolio. I’ve been a keen supporter of Veeam technology ever since they made people sit up and take note after winning the ‘VMware 2010 Best in Show’ award, and I’m pleased to see it’s still turning heads today.

Determined not to just follow the masses and their back up applications; Veeam approaches the important aspect of data protection with a refreshing outlook, delivering the aptly named Veeam Availability Suite. Providing a recovery time and point objective (RTPO) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data should satisfy any business that requires 24 by 7 operations.

Veeam Availability

With the inclusion in their 9.5 release Veeam has added agents for Windows and Linux, an Availability Console, an Availability Orchestrator,  as well as the vast number of enhancements made to the Explorers this is a product that just keeps getting better. 

The E2812 from NetApp is a SAN controller with a long heritage. Acquired from LSI in March 2011, the Engenio product line running the SANtricity operating system has over 1 million units sold. This latest release in the family by NetApp, was announced in Sept 2016 and started shipping shortly after. Supporting a new version, SANtricity v11.30, this 2U array provides connectivity to the LUNS hosted on 12 internal NL-SAS via FC, iSCSI, SAS and can grow to 180 drives or 1800TB. With over 6 nines of availability and Data Assurance support (T10 PI) the E2800 series is designed for the small to medium sized businesses seeking new ways to manage data growth over a range of mixed traditional workloads and third platform.

NetApp Storage

The combination of Veeam and the NetApp E-Series gives you an easy to use availability solution with the perfect staging area for backups. With a simple, fast and scalable storage architecture and a modern disaster recovery solution for your vSphere and Hyper-V environments, this partnership will help you confidently meet today’s always on enterprise service level objectives.

For more information on this promotion (including T&Cs) please click here. This is a special offer that is going to attract a lot of attention between now and the summer months, so please speak to your Channel/ Account Manager for more information on how to purchase Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise or Enterprise Plus editions, together with NetApp E-Series, and get up to 10% off Veeam.

For more information on Veeam and NetApp E-series click here. 

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