March 31, 2017. Business Cloud Author: Scott Murphy

The Importance of Flexibility for App Developers

In my previous blog I looked at the main features ISVs should be looking to get from their cloud platform. In this edition we take a closer look at the importance of aligning your cloud platform to the needs of your business, to name a few.

You can target a wider audience

It’s difficult to provide a seamless high quality experience to every member of your audience unless your cloud platform gives you the flexibility to develop across all the leading operating systems. Look for something that allows you to integrate with all of the major operating systems, with no loss of user experience.

You may also want to develop for mobile devices; look for platforms that allow you to develop natively because that will ensure the end-user experience remains constant and positive.

Increased quality means more revenue

It’s no secret that consumers these days don’t have the patience to deal with apps unable to deliver value instantly. In fact, 60% of users abandon software if it doesn’t load within three seconds.1

Some cloud-platforms will empower you to code your app once and then deploy it flexibly across all operating systems, without a loss in quality – meaning quicker load times, increased open rates and better revenues.

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You can use the skills you have

In app development there are obviously a wide range of tools, languages, databases and frameworks at your disposal – and your team might not be skilled in using all of them.

Choosing the right cloud platform will let you use the technology that works best for you. For example, if you’re a mobile app developer Microsoft Azure comes with access to Xamarin; software which allows you to write mobile applications for the each of the major mobile operating systems using just one code set.

Flexibility increases speed

By using the tools you’re most familiar with, it’s a given you’ll be able to build, develop and deploy apps faster. And migrating to a cloud platform that maximises your flexibility will only speed things up further.

In fact, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting in June 2016, choosing Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service could save you 25 hours in application testing and development time - per application. 2

To find out more read our free guide to unlocking the power of the cloud with Microsoft Azure.


1. 60% of users expect mobile sites to load in 3 seconds or less - uTest 
2. The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure PaaS - Forrester

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