March 16, 2017. Business Cloud Author: Scott Murphy

What Kind of Platform Does Your ISV Business Need?

The cloud platform your business uses makes a massive difference to how you operate and hugely affects how commercially successful you are – for example, one might allow more flexibility but another might provide stability for your business to succeed. 

The best choice for your business is always the platform that best suits your needs. If you’re building software, you’ll want something that supports multiple vendors, keeps your data safe and offers great flexibility. 

And unless you want your creativity stifled, you’ll definitely look for a platform that allows you to build your IP in exactly the way you want.

At Arrow, we’ve written a series of blog posts looking at cloud platforms from the point of view of an ISV. This one identifies some attributes that an ISV should look for from their cloud platform.     

A platform for creativity

Cloud technology gives you a scalable platform to innovate without any limits.

Microsoft Azure does this in particular by providing a resilient, robust platform that supports multiple vendor technologies and programming languages – effectively removing any barriers to development and expansion.

A platform for integration

If you’re creating technology solutions that solve specific industry issues, you don’t want to waste time reinventing the wheel. Where you can, it’s best to implement readily available tools to help you get your software to market as quickly as possible.  

A platform for sales

There’s no point developing a great piece of software if your target audience don’t know about it, or they can’t get to it. 

The perfect platform provides access to an established marketplace, connecting you with companies who are looking for new and innovative solutions to use themselves or to sell on to their customers.

A platform for optimisation

One of the best ways of improving business processes is by using real-time information to build in more predictability around work and service delivery. For this you need a platform that provides greater reporting transparency.

We believe that Microsoft Azure offers everything you need as an ISV to develop compelling applications that create demand and a recurring revenue stream.


To find out more and learn how to unlock the power of the cloud with Microsoft Azure, click here to read our free guide.


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