May 09, 2017. Marketing Author: Alexandra Richens

The Absolutely Fabulous World of PR

The PR industry is suffering from a loss of identity. It’s misunderstood by the masses and in the modern world of digital and content marketing is struggling to find its place.   


Good vs. bad

Exceptional PR is so much more than a press release. It delivers a strategic plan that aligns with the business and has a clear understanding of what it wants to achieve. It builds credibility and confidence; it does not earn ‘bragging rights’ or sell services or products; thus making people comfortable about doing business with you.  

Outstanding PR governs your brand and exercises reputational control by highlighting notable accomplishments (CSR strategies or notable awards) or expert thought-leadership on trends or predictions.


Disruptive PR in a digital world

The PR industry needs a virtual ‘kick up the backside’. Good PR is no longer mutually exclusive, nor is it replaceable by a good digital and content marketing strategy. The answer is a mixture of both. 

Here’s why.  

Content drives long-term thought leadership, page-rank advantage and nurtured trust between a buyer and brand and beefs up a company’s paid-for media channels. PR increases brand awareness and leads, bolstering earned media and bringing new eyes to the brand. It strengthens credibility through substantiation of your thought-leadership when published by a major news publication and forces the marketer to think about the ‘greater good’ of public opinion, rather than being derailed by the pressures of internal demands. PR content has to be fresh, relevant, timely and newsworthy, or it won’t get heard.


If Uber can, you can

A couple of years ago, Uber went on a hiring spree to battle the ongoing number of PR disasters it was facing around the globe. Here was one of the largest growing tech company’s (essentially an on-demand car service driven through an app!), with vast digital access to their markets, facing a major reputational issue. And only PR could fill the gap.

Likewise, PR needs to get smarter. Key-word rich press releases, newswire distribution, blogs, vlogs, infographics, SEO, social media and use of smarter technology platforms – should all be part of today’s PR plan to give validation, assurance and to tell your brand story better.

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Absolutely 90’s

The PR industry has a lot of challenges still to overcome. The pace of change accelerates like never before. The ‘Ab Fab’ era of PR is over! Ditch any old school methods, make demands on your PR, and focus on a collaborative approach that gives you a high return on investment.


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