November 30, 2017. Business NextGen Data Centre Podcasts Author: Richard Holmes

Arrow Bandwidth | Black Friday Special - Deeper than Blue

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 Deeper than Blue, Samantha Botham, David Fearne, Richard Holmes

Arrow Bandwidth | Black Friday Special - Deeper than Blue

This week IT Insider take over Arrow Bandwidth with special guests Deeper than Blue. 

Deeper than Blue, friends and longtime partners of Arrow ECS, join us to discuss e-commerce and digital transformation in retail and what that means with Black Friday and Christmas promotions ahead of us. 

Discussed on this episode: 

  • Critical infrastructure changes to achieve the competitive edge 

  • IT in the boardroom

  • Personalisation and the user experience 

  • Digital transformation realities 

Thanks for listening.  

 Deeper than Blue, Chris Booker, Samantha Botham


David Fearne, Arrow Technical Director @davidfearne

Richard Holmes, Arrow’s IBM Solutions Leader @_Rich_Holmes



Chris Booker, Director at Deeper than Blue @ChrisJBooker

Samantha Botham, Solutions Sales Specialist at Deeper than Blue @SamanthaBotham  


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