November 28, 2017. Technical NextGen Data Centre Author: Marcus Burrows

Data Everywhere with NetApp

NetApp has moved forward with its vision of how we store and manage our data. The main element of this is something called the Data Fabric.

With ONTAP, we can store our data on hardware appliances, software appliances (i.e. Virtual Machines) running on commodity hardware, and cloud devices.


Data Fabric


Because it is the same software which runs in all of the deployments, we can seamlessly migrate from one to the other.

For example, we may have a business requirement for our DR solution to reside in the cloud. If that business decision changes, we can migrate the data to another cloud provider or to our own hardware with the minimum of fuss.

But what if our requirement is to provide fast storage access for our users but save on cost?

SSD storage is fast and reliable, but expensive. With ONTAP 9.2 NetApp have introduced a feature called Fabric Pool. 

This allows to migrate "cold" data automatically from expensive SSD storage to a cloud provider, like Amazon Web Services. This makes more space available on SSD for "live" data (which is being accessed by users).


Going forward, we can easily see how much space is being consumed on each storage tier:



With NetApp, there is a whole world of flexibility with the way we store and manage our data, which in turn provides business agility.


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