April 10, 2018. Business Author: Adam Parry

A Day in the Life of an Arrow Apprentice: Applications Support

Oliver Ward

Meet Oliver

Current Role at Arrow: 1st Line Application Support Assistant

Studying: Level 3 Infrastructure Technician

Date started at Arrow: August 2017


Tell us a little about yourself

In my spare time, I enjoy going running to try and stay fit and I have also started to run in charity events, recently completing the York 10km.

I also try and play my drums when I can, but most of the time I end up going out for drinks or playing video games.


How have you found the first few months in your role on the Apprenticeship Programme?

What have you been doing on a daily basis since joining Arrow?

I have found the first few months quite challenging but enjoyable. I have spent the time when we are not as busy researching and learning the systems I am using.

Even though there are parts of the job that are more challenging, there is always someone that is happy to help and give you some extra information.


Open Book


Why did you want to start an apprenticeship with Arrow?

The reason I chose Arrow is that I wanted to be part of a company that is highly respected in the IT field.

I also wanted to be part of a company that was aiming to progress and had big plans moving into the future.


What makes Arrow a great place to work?

I think Arrow is a great place to work mainly because of the people within the company.

Most weeks there is something happening, there can be events to raise money for certain causes or within my own team we arrange to go out for meals.

I feel that it is a welcoming place to work as everyone you pass seems to be very polite and kind. The team I work within are all really nice people.


Apple stack of books 

What is the most exciting thing you have done in your role at Arrow to date?

I enjoy being able to help people with their problems which allows them to carry on with their everyday jobs.

It is quite exciting to get a new issue with the systems that is quite difficult and challenging and then go on to solve it. 


Tell us something new that you have learnt here?

I have learnt quite a lot during the time I have been here. To start with, there are all the systems that I have learnt how to use.

I've had to learn all of the technical parts of each system so that I am able to provide support for all of the users within Arrow. 


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