February 13, 2018. Business Author: Adam Parry

A Day in the Life of an Arrow Apprentice: The Operations Side of Arrow

Phoebe Fallon

Meet Phoebe

Current Role at Arrow: Fulfilment Administrator Apprentice - Operations

Studying: Business 

Date started at Arrow: July 2017


Tell us a little about yourself

I regularly play netball for a local team and I also coach matches.


How have you found the first couple of months in your role on the Apprenticeship Programme?

What have you been doing on a daily basis since joining Arrow?

I have really enjoyed my first few months at Arrow, it's a completely different environment to being at school and I much prefer it.

Since being here I have been focussing on my new role as a Fulfilment Administrator, I book in licenses for customers.

I also cover Reception each day from 1:30pm-2:00pm. I enjoy doing this as I have learnt new skills and I have also met lots of people from different departments.

This is great for me as it increases the number of connections within the business I have. 

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Why did you want to start an apprenticeship with Arrow?

I started an apprenticeship with Arrow because I've heard that it has a positive and welcoming environment. It will hopefully lead to new opportunities.

I knew that it would also give me great experience for the future.


What makes Arrow a great place to work?

It's a good place to work because you can walk around and see what other people do.

I find this very useful in my role as Fulfilment Administrator because if I make a mistake it will affect lots of other people, it's nice to know the faces of the people I am communicating with so I can go directly to them if there is a mistake.

I think this makes Arrow a great place to work as you feel more comfortable with colleagues, you know you can just ask them a question and they will try and help as much as they can. 

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What is the most exciting thing you have done in your role at Arrow to date?

I have helped to organise a fundraiser for a local charity.

I enjoyed doing this as it was a great day for everyone, it all ran smoothly and it was nice to see that people were pleased and happy to see what we had organised.


Tell us something new that you have learnt here?

I have learnt how to use complicated computer systems such as Microsoft Dynamics. 


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