March 06, 2018. Business Marketing Author: Louise Lenton-Bradley

A Marketing Apprentice Five Years Out!

Who could have known that when I was asked that classic interview question “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” that I’d be where I am today!

Honestly, I can’t recall my exact answer, I mean after all I was only a young’un and it was my first real interview! 

But I imagine it was something along the lines of… “I’d like to become a qualified marketing professional with the ability to plan and execute my own integrated marketing campaigns”. 

Now I’m five years on, having achieved exactly what I set out to achieve and so much more!

My story began when I joined Arrow as a Marketing Apprentice back in 2012, fresh out of sixth form and eager to take that first step onto the career ladder - and the rest is history! 

Just kidding, that would be a very short blog and there is still so much to tell you about my five-year journey to becoming a Marketing Executive!

Since my first day, that well-known saying ‘every day is a school day’ very much became my reality. 


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The Arrow Apprenticeship Scheme offered everything I wanted, allowing me to learn as I earn, and gaining first-hand, on the job experience working with marketing professionals. 

In no time at all I felt like part of the team, working closely with Marketing Managers to deliver successful integrated campaigns. 

Very soon I was supporting the team in the organisation of events, email and social media campaigns, creating web content, using our Content Management Systems (CMS), creating HTMLs and analysing campaign results. 

The diversity that my role as an apprentice offered meant the opportunity to learn was endless. 

After completing my apprenticeship my focus turned to organising events, this included seminars and exhibitions to roadshows and training to corporate hospitality. I even got the chance to meet The Royals at the Tour de Yorkshire in 2014! 

Not only was managing and executing events really good fun, it also improved my organisation skills and my ability to prioritise projects along the way – bonus! 

Skipping forward a few years, I’m now a Marketing Executive responsible for a number of industry-leading vendors. 

I have lots more responsibility and independence now and I really enjoy working closely with the vendor teams looking for new and innovative ways to plan and execute our marketing strategies!

Ultimately, with the support of the Arrow Apprenticeship Scheme, my colleagues and a hands-on approach to learning, I’m now a qualified marketer with an NVQ Level 3 and CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing. Yay, go me!

Now I may be biased, but an apprenticeship is a definitely a great way to begin your career, it was certainly the best option for me. 



Maybe an apprenticeship with Arrow could be the start of your story or even someone you know? 

If so, I highly recommend checking out the dedicated Arrow Talent Apprenticeship site. There’s loads of information on there including more about Arrow and what we do, upcoming apprenticeship opportunities, apprenticeship success stories and how to apply. 

So that’s my story, or my story so far at least. 

Obviously it doesn’t end there, the world of marketing is forever changing so I’m always learning and working toward that next five-year mile stone. 

Next up I’m thinking - marketing domination! Mwah, ha, ha, harr! Ok, maybe that’s a step too far but hay, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. 

I mean, five years ago I was a Marketing Apprentice.

Five Years Out, I’m a Marketing Executive and today I’m proud to say - I am Arrow, I am Five Years Out!


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